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   Tip #214 – A Chemical Concern

Chemicals known as polyfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs) are used commonly in commercial applications including food packaging, paper, and textiles.  Boston University School of Public Health (Massachusetts, USA) researchers discovered that people with levels of three specific PFCs in the top 25% had higher total and non-HDL cholesterol, as compared to those with levels in the lowest 25%.  The study authors warn that:  “PFCs may be exerting an effect on cholesterol metabolism at environmentally-relevant exposures.”

It is timely to note that a separate Harvard School of Public Health (Massachusetts, USA) study has reported that children exposed to PFCs may have compromised immune systems. 

Common routes of exposure to PFCs include microwave popcorn bags, and stain-repellant treated clothing, furniture, and carpets. Avoid such products as you are able, until reliable data dismisses  a clear causal effect of chemicals commonly present in everyday items.

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