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   Tip #22 – Multivitamin + Multimineral = Multibeneficial

Researchers from Memorial University (Newfoundland) found that a dietary supplement containing 18 vitamins, minerals, and trace elements helped healthy men and women age 65 and over to improve their short-term memory, problem-solving ability, abstract thinking, and attention span.  The supplement also improved immunity, reducing the rate of infection-related illness by more than 50% (as compared to those who did not take it).  This study demonstrates that people who take a daily multivitamin, multimineral supplement enhance their ability to live independently and without major disability.  The researchers also calculated that for every $1 US spent on the supplement, $28 US could be saved in healthcare costs by preventing or delaying illness and functional decline.

A team from Laval University (Quebec, Canada) surveyed  267 men and 320 women ages 20 to 65, and found that the men who regularly took a multivitamin/multimineral supplement had lower body weight, fat mass, and body mass index.  Similar findings were recorded for women; moreover, women who routinely took a multivitamin/multimineral supplement reported reduced hunger levels.

Long-term regular consumption of a multivitamin has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease death by 16%.  Gaia Pocobelli, from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at the University of Washington (USA), and colleagues analyzed data from 77,719 residents of Washington state, ages 50 to 76, collected via survey questionnaires.  The data showed that the use of a multivitamin decreased risk of death from heart disease by 16%.  Further, Vitamin E supplementation was found to slash heart disease death by 28%.

Visit The World Health Network, http://www.worldhealth.net, the official educational website of the A4M, to learn the latest on anti-aging therapeutics that may extend and enhance your healthy lifespan.

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