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A4M Consumer eMembership Overview

"The only good is knowledge, and the only evil ignorance."
~ Greek philosopher Diogenes (412 - 323 BCE)

Persisting since the time of the scrolls of Ancient Greece, and now characterized by the computer keyboard and mouse of the digital era, humankind has long sought to quench its thirst for knowledge.

Today, we employ the Internet for this quest. Over half of US adults ages 18 to 64 years rely on the Internet for health information. Upwards of 58% of women research health topics on the web. [Cohen RA, Stussman B. Health information technology use among men and women aged 18-64: Early release of estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, January-June 2009. Health E-Stats. National Center for Health Statistics. February 2010.]

To fulfill these goals, Worldhealth.net aims to be a leading nonprofit trusted source of non-commercial health information. A4M eMembership supports the goals of Worldhealth.net by enabling us to:

  • Educate: The Medical Editors of Worldhealth.net survey over 500 medical and scientific journals monthly, to prepare Award-Winning, relevant and timely health information to share with you.
  • Empower: The eMembership Digital Library features eBooklets on 30 of the most popular anti-aging topics, a reader's sampler of anti-aging articles and health information booklets, and Downloads of the Month.
  • Excite: As a promising wellness-oriented model for healthcare, anti-aging medicine IS the future of medicine. Create custom Health eCards to share the A4M's message to "Rethink Aging" with friends and family!