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Brain-machine Interface Set for Testing
Stem Cells Reduce Hypertension in Rats
Stem Cells Bring Heart Patients Back from Near Death
Simple Skin Cholesterol Test Beats Blood
Gene Therapy Uses Growth Factor to Fix Heart
Psoriasis Genes Discovered
Stem Cells Heal Heart Vessels and Muscle
Ginkgo Boosts Memory, Brain Scan Shows
Aging Linked to Gene Changes in the Brain
Compound in Green Tea Blocks HIV
Agent Works the Web from Your Hand
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Specific Linkages Among Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle-Stimula...
Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Testosterone Matrix Transdermal ...
Metabolism of Orally Administered Androstenedione in Young Men
Pharmacokinetics of a Transdermal Testosterone System in Men ...
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Testosterone Dose-Dependently Increases Maximal Voluntary ...
Chinese Herb, Ginger, and Tea Stop Cancer in Lab Studies
Pain Commonplace in Old Age
New Drug Beats Flu
Bio-Scaffolds Could Help Create Organs for Transplant
Cholesterol Gene Linked to Longevity
Scientists Block Cancer Cells Self-Repair Mechanism
A Touch of the Blues May Promote Inflammation
Drugs Cut AIDS Death Rates by More than 80%
Implant Could Help Stroke Patients Regain Arm Control
Antibiotics Reduce Stroke Risk by One-Fifth
Viagra May Trigger Growth of New Brain Cells
Vampire Bat Drug Promising in Trials
Umbilical Cord Blood Could Help to Repair Stroke Damage
One in Three US Children Born in 2000 Will Develop Diabetes
Obesity Number One Health Problem in US Say CDC
Severely Obese Population of US Quadrupled Between 1986 and 2000
US Population Loses Weight For First Time in Six Years
Technology is Cause of Obesity Say Harvard Economists
One in Four UK Doctors Advise Patients Against the Atkins Diet
Protein Prevents Weight Gain in Mice Fed High-Fat Diet
One in 13 Deaths in EU Attributable to Excess Weight
Most Americans Think Obesity Problem will Keep on Growing
Lower BMI Scale Pushes Overweight and Obese to 1.7-Billion
Leptin-Signaling Failure Could Cause Obesity in White Men
Hunger Hormone Found in Brains Appetite Control Center
Being Fat Makes Men Less Intelligent
Obesity Can Shave up to 20 Years Off Lifespan
US Researcher Unveils Controversial Obesity Virus Theory
Children Could End Up Living Shorter Lives than their Parents
Researchers Identify Weight-Regulation Proteins
Eating Less May Extend Human Life