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Brain Decline Comes Later Than Previously Thought


"Our brain continues to develop a lot longer than we thought," Van Blooijs said.

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Personality And Satisfaction Linked Throughout Adult Lifespan

Certain personality traits are associated with satisfaction in life, and despite the changes people may experience in social roles and responsibilities over the course of their adult lives, that association is stable regardless of age, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

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Youth Overweight A Risk Factor For Blood Clots As Adults

Being overweight in childhood and in early adulthood are discrete risk factors for blood clots later in life, a University of Gothenburg study shows. The study is based on the early BMI history of more than 37,000 men and information about their thrombi, if any, in adulthood.

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Study Finds Mediterranean Diet Associated With Decreased Risk Of Dementia

Experts at Newcastle University found that individuals who ate a Mediterranean-like diet had up to 23% lower risk for dementia than those who did not.

This research, published in BMC Medicine, is one of the biggest studies of its kind as previous studies have typically been limited to small sample sizes and low numbers of dementia cases.

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The Brain On Fire: Is Depression An Inflammation-Based Disease?

Complex, heterogenous, and often debilitating, depression is a multifaceted condition that affects millions of people worldwide. According to current statistics, one in five Americans will experience major depressive disorder (MDD) in their lifetime, and many will not find relief from current therapeutic approaches. While there is an ever-growing list of potential causes of MDD, recent research suggests that inflammation in the body may be a contributing factor to the development and severity of depression. And the latest clinical trial data suggest that targeting and treating inflammation as the root cause may help clinicians provide more precise, personalized care to patients struggling with depression and help them achieve lasting mental and physical wellness.

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