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3-Parent children - - - soon to be legal in England! Lab techniques similar to making ESCs via NT, Nuclear Transfer.

By hkugler at Feb. 5, 2015, 2:58 a.m., 23346 hits

How - and why - would you make 3-parent children?
Lots of kinky sex? No!
To create new genetic species? No!
What if one parent had a genetic problem that - - showing up in the child - - would make life difficult, or even impossible?
The procedure that made the news worldwide on February 3rd, 2015 is very similar to how we make ESCs (embryonic stem cells):

Making stem cells via nuclear transfer; basic good science.
As far back as 2007 - - when scientists discussed how to make individual-specific stem cells - - the majority of scientists bet on the iPS (induced pluripotent stem cell approach, simply because they wanted to avoid religious arguments; I appeared to be the only one choosing NT (nuclear transfer). And just in case somebody else is trying to raise a religious argument against nuclear transfer – suggesting that human embryos are at risk – please check out a magnificent book “THE LANGUAGE OF GOD, a Scientist presents Evidence for Belief,” by one of our most renowned scientists, Dr. Francis Collins of NIH. The book explains clearly why there is nothing wrong with a laboratory procedure, performed outside the human body.

Two major groups of scientific discoveries finally put and end to the discussions:
a)iPS, to make stem cells, were found to have major problems, ranging from genetic aberrations, to risks of tumors and cancer
b)THE PROOF for NT came from Oregon University, where researchers made stem cells via Nuclear Transfer, followed by Dr. Robert Lanza of ACT (Advanced Cell Technology), using a slightly different – but also NT – approach.

So, step-by-step, how do we make ESCs via nuclear transfer?
1) Remove the DNA (the nucleus) from a (human) egg cell; this is just one of several critical steps because 3 egg cells cost about $ 10,000.
2) Collect the DNA (nucleus) from a cell of the future recipient of the stem cells. Insert this DNA/nucleus into the denucleated egg cell.
3) Trigger the cell to divide. This step used to be difficult to achieve, but newer tricks can get you there.
4) Once the cell starts dividing, on day # 4 we will have a stage called “blastocyst” that contains a small sack with “omnipotent” stem cells
5) Remove these stem cells and culture them - - grow them in a Petri-dish, away from the controlling parent DNA, up to 10 million or more.
6) Growing these cells without the influence of the developing embryo will keep them at the stem cell stage.
7) Once the culture has grown to sufficient numbers, these stem cells can be used directly on the recipient.
FYI: Animal egg cells show great promise for NT; after all, what do you have after the nucleus/DNA is removed from an egg cell? Answer: fertile soil!

Applying NT procedures to make a 3-parent child:
Let's now consider a problem where the wife has a severe mitochondria problem/disease that would make life for the child impossible.
a) Fertilize the egg with the husbands sperm. The fertilized egg is now surrounded by malfunctioning (-disease-causing-) mitochondria.
b)Take a healthy donor egg, and remove the nucleus.
c) Remove the nucleus from the fertilized egg, and transfer it into the denucleated donor egg ( - that has healthy mitochondria).
d) In the growing fetus we now have the combined - - man/wife - - genes, but with healthy mitochondria.
Voila! Problem circumvented!

For info about HK STEM CELL RESEARCH - - equipment, microscopes, NT procedures, and more - - check out .

Applied Anti-aging from the ground up, including longevity studies performed at our lab at Roosevelt U in Chicago, up to telomere-length sustaining modalities, and SC applications, is presented in “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age,” now available as e-book from Barnes and Noble (as health education project) for a mere $ 1.99.
Ordering details also on the quoted web-site.

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