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5G Launches As Does Concerns

5 years, 9 months ago

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Posted on Oct 12, 2018, 12 a.m.

The 5G fight is on, when we are just now starting to gain understandings of what the effects of 3G and 4G can have on the body and mind can be. Since the late 1940s the US government’s position on the safety of non-ionizing radiation has remained unchanged despite scientific evidence of cumulative exposure to microwaves ability to cause cancer.

Many in alternative communities feel this stance covertly enables a means of population reduction that some even suggest is set up for mind control, while this soft kill genocide is subject to debate what is not is the profit motives of the wireless industry far outweighing the legitimate health concerns that do exist.

The FCC stated its goal in 2006 for the USA to have a jump on other countries in the race to develop and patent 5G infrastructures and applications. 5G rollout is projected to raise over $275 billion in new investments, $500 billion in GDP, and over 3 million new jobs.

The added jobs to the needing workforce must look perfect to those looking to create spots and support Globalism. Push for this technology and the economic and strategic benefits driving its roll out have been in place long before the current administration took place. However given the CEO’s outspokenness about vaccines which is singular among world leaders suggests that he may be unaware of the potential dangers of millimeter wave exposure and likely believes the official position that non-ionizing is safe despite a vast body of research on exposure to such frequencies, cell sites, and towers showing increased cancer rates, neurological effects and reproductive harm; which includes the government’s own National Toxicology Program concluding that wireless radiation increases cancer sub thermally.

New small cell towers are being installed near schools, malls, on residential streets, dispersed throughout natural environments, and pretty much everywhere. Safety of this taxpayer funded implementation of this technology is in question.  These 5G networks use the same EMF waves as the pentagon crowd control systems, using high band radio frequency millimeter waves from towers to deliver high bandwidth data to any device in a much more concentrated manner within line of sight. 5G applications will unlock new spectrum bands in higher frequencies beyond the current 6GHz going to untested frequencies of 100GHZ and beyond utilizing millimeter waves tapping into unused bands at the top of the radio spectrum that are largely untouched.

There are many potential problems in regards to exposure to 5G radio waves with the skin, which is interesting being that the technology is already being used in the military for crowd control purposes. This kind of technology interacts with human eyes and skin according to studies presented at an international conference made public suggesting that human sweat ducts acts like helical antennas when exposed to the wavelengths put out by devices employing 5G technology.

The US military has developed a crowd control weapon called Active Denial System using radio frequency millimeter waves in the 95GHZ range to penetrate the of skin on the targeted individual which instantly produces intolerable heat sensations causing that individual to flee. Such technology has become ubiquitous in top worlds including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, and Russian agencies, demonstrating how effective this radio frequency energy can be to causing harm to humans and anything else. Developments such as this have opened many questions to what else this type of technology can be used for besides “crowd control”, control being the key word sparking much debate.

In a press release Tom Wheeler, the FCC chair says “5G will use high frequency radiation which will require massive deployment of new towers to aim and amplify signals.” And even used a sentence which could be seen as a warning “Stay out of the way of technological development”. He goes on to say “Unlike some countries we do not believe that we should spend years studying what 5G should be and how it should operate, and allocate spectrum based on those assumptions, the future has a way of inventing itself.” “Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future, we won’t wait for the standards to be the first developed...” He also says the frequencies being made open will be shared with satellite and military operations, adding they want to microchip everything to have them connected in all corners of the nation. In short, no testing or standards, it’s happening everywhere no matter what, ignoring research showing negative effects at far lower frequencies, that’s not alarming at all.

“Instant communications are creating something akin to a global nervous system; a global city being nervous, agitated, tense, and fragmented web of interdependent relations. Occasional malfunctions will be all the more unsettling because of mutual confidence and reciprocally reinforcing stability that are characteristic of village intimacy being absent from the process of that nervous system interaction.” ~ America’s Role in the Technetronic Era [1970]

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