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Anti-Aging Products “Tap into … The Aging Consumer Base”

9 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Nov 11, 2009, 6 a.m.

Industry report highlights rising interest and activity in anti-aging foods and drinks, driven largely by the  demographics of an aging world population

Leatherhead Food Research, a UK-based “ independent organization delivering innovative research, scientific consultancy and regulatory guidance and interpretation,” reports that:  “Anti-aging products such as foods that provide a cognitive benefit or skin health-promoting ingredients tap into one of the biggest shifts the food industry faces: the aging consumer base.”  In “The Market for Anti-Ageing Foods,” Leatherhead reports that ““In view of the aging structure of the population and the predicted increase in age-related disorders, there is significant scope for the further development of food and drinks products containing selected anti-ageing ingredients.” Leatherhead analysts estimate the current value of the market for food targeted at age-related health effects including declining cognitive function, eyesight deterioration, joint health and skin condition at $2 Billion annually, a figure that excludes the market for products promoted on a more general high-antioxidant/anti-aging platform. The experts attribute the rise in anti-aging foods and drinks to improved trends in healthy heating, as well as a growing demand from the aging population to extend the number of active and vital years.

“Huge scope for anti-ageing ingredients, says new research,”, 5 November 2009;

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