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Caffeine May Help Stave Off Age Related Cognitive Deficits

8 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Oct 07, 2018, 3 p.m.

Coffee may help to make the brain younger, helping to normalize stress hormones, and help reverse memory deficits, as published in the journal Scientific Reports from Nature.

Research on coffee/caffeine has yielded mixed results, some saying it has no benefits other than an immediate pick me up, others saying it’s bad, and some saying it’s beneficial. This collaborative study, which is part of a larger study initiated 4 years ago, suggests caffeine counteracts age related cognitive deficits in rat models with quite long lasting effects.

The international team found abnormal expression of adenosine A2A receptor induced aging like memory impairments, and using caffeine analogs blocked adenosine A2A receptors and relieved memory and stress related deficiencies returning the animals back to normal capacity. Altering the amount of this receptor in neurons from the cortex and hippocampus was sufficient enough to induce profiles that are designated as early aging combining memory loss and increase in stress hormones in plasma cortisol.

Among the elderly there is increased amount of stress hormones that has an impact on memory, according to the researchers their work supports views of the procognitive effects of A2AR antagonists such as caffeine observed in Alzheimer’s and age related cognitive impairments may rely on this ability to counteract the loss of stress controlling mechanisms occurring with aging.

Other research suggests that drinking a cup of coffee a day can have other benefits such as helping to support detoxification of the gallbladder and liver, help prevent formation of gallstones, reduce risk of fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver, and help reduce risk of liver cancer. A 16 year long European study suggests that drinking 3 cups a day can help to promote glucose control, and lower risk of death, especially related to digestive and circulatory disease.

Even with the suggested positive effects from their studies loading coffee up with piles of sugars, sweeteners, and creams that most opt to add is not the greatest thing for you, and can alter benefits/effects; drinking it as it/black without such additions is recommended for maximum health benefit effects.

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