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Companies Are Racing To Find The Key To Immortality

2 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on Aug 19, 2019, 7 p.m.

Not that long ago the fountain of youth sounded more like something out of science fiction than science fact. The reality is that present day investors are pouring millions into research and start-up companies looking for marketable ways to reverse the aging process.

Juvenescence is developing a range of therapies and technologies to help increase human longevity, and they recently closed $100 million funding which brings the value of this start-up biotech to $500 million. The company has raised $165 million in 6 months, and has invested in 15 companies that are mostly located within American such as AgeX Therapeutics which is developing stem cells to regenerate tissues that deteriorate in old age. 

Life Biosciences have invested in the 8 pathways of age-related decline including dysfunction in mitochondria. This biotech has raised $50 million is a Series B financing which is twice the amount of the original target to grow a portfolio of daughter companies to carry out research and development programs.

The start-up Rejuvenate Bio is currently testing at least 60 different age reversing gene therapies. Initial testing was carried out on beagles, and the biotech claims it can reverse aging in animals by adding DNA instructions to their bodies. Plans have been made to launch a trial designed to combat mitral valve disease this year common to a certain Spaniel breed that is directly caused by aging. 

The race is on, these are just a few of the biotechs racing to find the sought after fountain of youth, with big hopes to be the first ones to one day turn their research into a reality that will turn a profit, and timing couldn’t be better with the oncoming “silver tsunami” looking to retain youthfulness for as long as possible. Here’s hoping these and/or other companies are able to find a way to help us all age slower, and more gracefully. 

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