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Dependence On Electronics: The Great Dumbing Down

2 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on Aug 09, 2019, 5 p.m.

Imagine if you will, a world in which people believe that war brings peace, only drugs provide health, debt leads to financial success, you are ridiculed for thinking for yourself, everything you see/hear on the news/internet is thought to be real regardless of how outlandish or facts, and the government is backed by big corporations. If only this were just the narrative from the twilight zone. 

Remember before the internet was all consuming and controlling, back when it was thought that the cause of collective stupidity was lack of access to information? Well it wasn’t that was it?? Television, computers, and mobile devices may actually the primary causes of the mass dumbing down of society. Argue all you want, but it is more than evident. 

Rather than people retaining information in their own minds they have become vessels to being controlled by remote information being fed into their minds by these devices. It seems as if you have to look to social media before you know how to feel for the day or moment these days: “Outrage, outrage, outrage… oh look a kitten…”

Most of these devices are controlled by internet gatekeepers that seem to be making moves to further their control over official narratives to keep the public illiterate and lulled by their glowing screens. These effects are being further accelerated by exposure to radiation these devices emit, which the public welcomes with open arms in want of faster speed for instant gratification. 

Our brains, are to say the least, frazzled with radiation exposure, aluminum in foods, fluoride in water, chemicals in/on foods, pollution in the air we breathe, chemicals put in our body via drugs, poor lifestyle choices, and programs that bombard the brain with toxic visions that desensitize the brain, with violence, fake news, lower morals, glorifying people that should be of no consequence, negative and unattainable body images, greed, corruption, narcissism, and control. 

It wasn’t always this way, people once were intelligent, self reliant, had common sense, logical thinking, had an attention span longer than 2 seconds, had a want for a sense of accomplishment, and could speak a comprehensible full sentence. Present day the average American is now “stupid”, entirely dependant on electronics, most can’t even remember important headlines from 6 months ago which may be why the “news” media, now controlled by big coorporations, switch the narraitves every couple months so it is not as noticeable. Take for example not that long ago some “news” outlets claimed illegals crossing the border were just a fabricated crisis but those same outlets are now saying that it is a huge crisis and children are being held in concentration camps… so which is it? 

Divide and conquer politics to control the masses has long since won. America is falling behind, just look at the educational system for starters, America is not great in this area nor is it being made great again, but it should be. In fact, depending on how biased the report, America doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for education levels anymore, and it continues to drop every year. Despite this cuts continue to be made to the system, setting it up to fail even harder with our most precious children, who are the future. 

There are those that suggest this dumbing down is deliberate, saying that this is how globalists control populations. What this means is that free thinking and intelligent people are the enemy of authoritarian regimes, because they won’t simply just following blindly like sheepeople. It would appear to some that people are increasingly not wanted to be allowed to think for themselves, or they might take off the blinders and see what is actually happening, and look to make a change. 

Read the ingredients, don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for an alternative or second opinion, stop the real life social isolation and put down that mobile device, turn off the TV or computer. Break the addiction and go outside, take a walk and enjoy the sunshine. Actually talk to your friends and family in person, read a book, feed your brain. The idiocracy is that the mind is a beautiful thing, it’s too bad so many people choose to waste it. 

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