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Dumbing Down Confirmed By Science

10 months, 1 week ago

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Posted on May 26, 2019, 8 p.m.

It appears as if some of mainstream are beginning to finally notice the disturbing trend towards dumbness and idiocracy throughout Western society. The trend in widespread IQ decline indicates that intelligence levels are declining after several decades of increasing.

According to Evan Horowitz the reason for this decline remains largely unknown, despite the herd of elephants in the room which he did not wish to address within the context of political correctness such as water fluoridation which has been shown to lower children IQ levels in Harvard University research. Nor did he mention crop chemicals which are also associated with decreasing IQ level among school children.

Similarly he avoided the great untouchable vaccination schedule and the chemicals they contain that could possibly be harming children, especially in the greatly increased amounts they are now receiving. He also did not discuss the long list of pharmaceutical drugs hitting the market, of which many contain chemical concoctions that can impair childhood development.

There is another elephant he mentioned but then denies as being a legitimate factor for plummeting IQ rates which is third world immigration. While it is politically incorrect to suggest it, the continued onslaught of migrants, refugees, and undocumented people into Western countries is in fact having a detrimental effect on the collective state of intelligence.

While still on his campaign trail the President suggested countries south of the border are not  “sending their best” and the general level of societal intelligence is on a perpetual decline with no end in sight.

Anatoly Karlin explains the low base of poorly educated immigrants flooding into America and much of Western Europe is having a net-negative effect on IQ averages which has been indicated by quantitative data collected from PISA testing.

Such suggestions and data are surely to be dubbed as being racist but the facts speak for themselves: wherever third world immigrants flood into first world countries intelligence levels on the whole are noticeably decreasing.

“Given the strong dependence between national IQ and economic prosperity, the globalist open borders project presents a serious challenge to the long-term viability of the First World cognitive engines that drive the vast bulk of technological progress – progress that is already threatened by the dysgenic trends embedded in post-Malthusian society and the banal fact that problems tend to get harder, not easier, as you ascend the technological ladder.This is not to even mention the risk of ‘institutional contagion’ from newcomers who are culturally and perhaps biologically incompatible with that unique blend of individualism and commitment to the commonwealth that facilitated the rise of European civilization.” according to Karlin.

When you factor in the educational system in America is far from being the best in the world, is it really a good thing that it continues to get slashed in each and every budget? Being that children are the future would it not be a far better course to increase spending to invest in the future with education? 

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