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Elizabeth Hurley's Anti-Aging Secrets Are Free!

1 year ago

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Posted on Oct 17, 2017, 2 p.m.

This 52-year-old British star of "The Royals," is a model and swimsuit designer; she talks freely about women’s health problems and taking care of self.

Age-less beauty Elizabeth Hurley is amazing … she’s beautiful both inside and out. Her secret to a youthful appearance is not really a secret but rather a mindset and regular routine of healthy eating, relaxation, exercising, and choosing the right products for her benefit.

This 52-year-old British star of "The Royals," is a model and swimsuit designer; she talks freely about women’s health problems and taking care of self. Since 1995 she has represented Estée Lauder and their Breast Cancer Campaign; therefore, she is very conversant regarding breast self-exams, early detection and mammograms.

When interviewed she speaks freely about her skincare, living healthier, diet and sleep. But mostly she believes that having a positive mental attitude and caring for one’s insides that matters most. She acknowledges that life can be devastatingly difficult for some, and yet many manage to let go and stay positive. She believes that is one of the big keys for a healthier lifestyle.

When others ask her how she stays so healthy or about breast care and cancer, she teaches self-care first. Eating properly, exercise, no smoking and limited alcohol intake. She talks about fear of mammograms, and their slight discomfort, and promotes regular self-examinations, even for young women.

In regard to her beautiful shin, she relates that working for Este Lauder for 22 years has given her access to a plethora of products for skin and she says she uses them all.

Regarding exercise, Hurley claims she does not spend hours in the gym, but rather she stays active, stretches, and takes long walks.

She loves to cook, and eat, although it doesn’t show. She loves working in the kitchen using fresh food as close to natural as possible. No processed food for this actress. A single working mother living in the countryside, she likes to make jam, play with her dogs, and sit by the fire. Gardening is another hobby that helps her relax and unwind.

As part of her time with her son, she says she’s learning to put away electronics, and focus on family, especially when away for the set of The Royals on E! Her 15-year-old son is also on the show and urges his “mum” to put the phone down, and only work for two hours and put it away.\


By: Dr. Michael J. Koch, Editor for and Dr. Ronald Klatz, DO, MD President of the A4M which has 28,000 Physician Members, and has trained over 150,000 physicians, health professionals and scientists around the world in the new specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine. A4M physicians are now providing advanced preventative medical care for over 10’s of Million individuals worldwide who now recognize that aging is no longer inevitable.

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