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Fellowship in Preventative Medicine, Nutrition & Sports Medicine

10 years, 8 months ago

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Posted on Jun 10, 2009, 10 a.m.

A4M is offering this extensive program for doctors, healthcare practitioners and advanced personal fitness trainers; a new breed of healers, dedicated to using non-invasive preventative medicine, nutrition, sports medicine, and exercise protocols to treat, care and prevent disease, disability and dysfunction.

Course Completion Guidelines and Information

Six module Series

I. Introduction to the Framework for Utilizing Preventative Medicine, Nutrition and Sports Medicine (FPMNSM) Model for the Treatment, Care and Prevention of Disease, Disability and Disorder

II. Utilizing the FPMNSM Treatment Model for the Care and Prevention of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease and Special Consideration for Senior Citizens and Aging.

III. Utilizing the FPMNSM Treatment Model for the Care and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome and Diseases, Immunological and Hematological Disorders, and Unique Women's Issues Regarding Pregnancy/Post Partum, Menopause, etc.

IV. Utilizing the FPMNSM Treatment Model for the Care and Prevention of Orthopedic Diseases and Disorders, including Postural Analysis Repair and Rehabilitation, Optimal Musculoskeletal Stabilization and Performance, and Unique Children's/Youth's Issues

V. Utilizing the FPMNSM Treatment Model for the Care, Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Most Common Athletic Injuries, including optimizing athletic performance, longevity and functionality throughout the patient lifespan

VI. Utilizing the FPMNSM Treatment Model for the Care and Prevention of Neuromuscular Disorders, Cognitive, Psychological and Sensory Disorders, including stress management, anxiety and depression.

  • Selected Readings & Study Materials
  • Interactive Web Broadcasts
  • Additional Criteria Required: Written & Oral Boards

Additional Features:

  • Participant will leave the Fellowship competent to practice Preventative Medicine, Nutrition Consults and Sports Medicine without supervision in his or her area of medical specialty.
  • Participants will be involved in web broadcasts so that she or he will have ongoing feedback from experienced clinicians.
  • Extensive case studies and hands-on practical exercises and movements will be included with each module.
  • Open to physicians, Ph.D.s, physician assistants, nurse clinicians, pharmacists, chiropractors and D.D.s.

Download Program Schedule: Fellowship in Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, & Sports Medicine

Download: Course learning objectives, outcomes and goals

Download: Registration form

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