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Foods To Help You Detox

11 months ago

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Posted on Jan 01, 2020, 4 p.m.

Now that the holiday season is over you may be feeling like all those bad dietary choices are taking their toll on you, and it may be time to get your body and mind back on track. Luckily there is no shortage of detoxifying foods that may help you get back to feeling better. 

Broccoli is said to be the ultimate when it comes to detoxifying foods as the cruciferous vegetable contains glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin, and glucobrassicin among other nutrients which will help to flush and eliminate toxins that have entered the body. This green beauty is also a great source of fiber which will help to regularise bowel movements, and chlorophyll which helps to prevent irregular cell formation that may promote cancer. 

Berries and fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C, consuming the right ones may help you to detox more effectively. Different coloured berries have been known to carry benefits, while apples and pomegranates are also great. Berries and fruits add to the reserves of vitamin C in the body which will benefit the liver and help to build immunity, in addition they are great sources of fiber and water content which will also help in an effective cleanse. 

If you are feeling the effects of your stomach taking an impact of bingeing on all those bad choices over the holiday season such as alcohol and fast foods the most effective remedy for the gut may be via probiotics. Yoghurt may be the most natural and cost effective way to get beneficial probiotics incorporated into your diet, this good bacteria will help to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract and help promote a happy tummy. 

All those bad choices, especially alcohol can be dehydrating, coconut water contains natural electrolytes that may help to rehydrate your system. Coconut water is also isotonic to blood plasma, helps to balance pH levels, boosts immunity, and is said to be a good remedy for a hangover after a night of excess. 

The fragrant goldenrod beauty of turmeric/curcumin has been well studied for its potent anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits which can help to boost heart health as well as liver health which may come in handy after an active holiday season. 

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