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Liver Cleanses

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Posted on Apr 16, 2018, 1 p.m.

Liver cleanse is the act of flushing the liver and giving it a break from purifying the blood of all toxins. Since the liver is specifically designed for this reason it generates some controversy over whether there is an actual need for this kind of cleanse.


The liver is the largest internal organ responsible for over 500 different functions in the body which includes neutralizing and detoxifying toxins. Toxins are literally everywhere, the body has the built in ability to defend against most of these toxins, but there are things you can do to support liver function and health along with improving your health.


Some individuals say that liver cleanse products or the act of going into a drastic detox diet could do more harm than good in the long run, while other say it’s beneficial to rid the body of toxins occasionally and give the body a break. There are some natural ways to cleanse the liver including certain foods which are known to be anti-inflammatory for the liver and may decrease chances of liver disease. The idea that liver cleanses are essential or even that the liver requires them at all is not supported by formal results. Lifestyle changes such as healthy food choices and reducing alcohol intake are far more effective than a short term liver cleanse.


There are many different liver cleanse approaches which have been popularized recently. Some of the best include drinking raw vegetable juice, eliminating toxic foods, taking beef liver tablets, coffee enema, and increasing potassium intake, among others. Whatever method is used it is strongly recommended to increase water intake to avoid possible dehydration.


Drinking raw vegetable juice is a good way to get all the nutrients required while lowering caloric intake and eliminating processed or inflammatory foods, vegetables will also lower pH levels in the body and help increase metabolism.


One of the odd parts of a liver cleanse would be the coffee enema, it may stimulate production of bile and may help to speed flushing of toxins from within the body.


Diets that contain a lot of processed food, nitrites, additives, and artificial sugars are likely to be putting a lot of stress on the liver. Following a more natural less processed diet will decrease liver workload while decreasing threat to heart health and lower risk of developing diabetes.


Consuming potassium rich foods is essential if for cleansing the liver, it can also lower blood pressure and decrease liver stress making it easier to recover and repair.


Milk thistle supplements are known to strengthen the liver walls while eliminating stored up toxins within the liver very quickly.


Consuming liver is one of the best ways to improve liver health, but for those who do not wish to eat liver supplements are the way to go.


Foods can naturally boost liver function and are fairly easy to add to the diet. Consuming these foods will help to decrease inflammation and support the detoxifying ability of the liver, which include green tea, grapefruit, olive oil, apples, avocado, turmeric, walnuts, garlic, and cabbage, among others.


There can be side effects to doing a liver cleanse, as with any major change in diet or nutritional intake which includes such things as fatigue, headaches, and dehydration. Before starting a liver cleanse it is advised to seek advice from a medical professional to make sure it is right for you to minimize chances of possible adverse side effects. Truth is that there isn’t any evidence based on fact supporting liver cleanses. If there is concern about health, the best route is to make some healthy lifestyle changes and talk to your doctor.


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