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Looking To Decompress Your Stress? Try Getting Some Fresh Air

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Posted on May 27, 2024, 7 p.m.

According to a random double opt-in survey conducted by Talker Research (formerly OnePoll U.S.) on behalf of TruGreen involving 2000 general population Americans with outdoor spaces at home, the best way to calm anxiety may be to simply walk away. The analysis revealed that 94% of the respondents agreed that stepping away and going outside to take a few breaths helps them to relax when they are feeling stressed or dealing with anxiety, and on average it takes them around 9 minutes to relax and unwind after stepping out for a breath of fresh air.

70% of the participants report making a conscious decision to try and spend more time outside to help improve their mental health, and 69% are making an effort to prioritize going outside as part of their daily routine. When respondents rated their day-to-day stress on a scale from 0 to 10 the average was a moderate 4, however, those who spend time outside every day reported lower stress levels than those who don’t go outside every day. 

The analysis also revealed the biggest stressors in day-to-day life, 52% are worried about finances, 37% are concerned about current events, 37% stress about their health, and 29% have relationship concerns. 54% of the respondents said that getting some fresh air helps to clear their mind, 53% said that going for a walk helps them to decompress, 34% like to clean and organize to unwind, and 33% feel that texting or calling a friend helps them to relax. 

Nature nurtures, people are becoming more aware of the positive health benefits of spending time outdoors, and to that effect, 51% of the respondents now consider having a nearby outdoor space as a nonnegotiable factor when they are moving. However, 65% admit to struggling to find time to go outside on busy days, and 92% admitted that messiness or poor upkeep of their outdoor spaces negatively impacts their experience outside and keeps them inside. 

“A well-kept outdoor space enhances home appeal and makes it easier for homeowners to incorporate outdoor time into their daily routines. But while maintaining outdoor spaces is a priority for nearly 90 percent of Americans, it comes with challenges like weeding and pest control,” says Matt Morelli, region technical manager at TruGreen, in a statement. “If maintenance feels overwhelming, partnering with a professional can ease the burden, rather than facing the task alone, so homeowners can get back to enjoying their free time — including being outside.”

"We know there are a lot of stressors in people's daily lives, but lawn care maintenance doesn't need to be one of them," said Brian Feldman, Senior Director of Operations at TruGreen. "There are a number of studies on the mental health benefits of the outdoors, and by partnering with a professional service, homeowners can get back to what they enjoy – or need – most to boost their well-being while we handle maintaining their yard."

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