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Metabook’s Top Personality Of 2021 In Terms Of Social Impact

11 months ago

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Posted on Jan 07, 2022, 3 a.m.

Dr. Robert Goldman has been given the #1 spot besting Elon Musk on the MIT/Metabook, and IT’s top 30 list for Global Social Humanitarian Impact. Dr. Goldman is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), Founder & Chairman-International Sports Hall of Fame, President Emeritus-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and World Chairman of the International Medical Commission for over 30 years overseeing 194 nations. 

Dr. Goldman has achieved many accomplishments in his highly productive life such as being a best selling author of over 50 books, award-winning innovator, the recipient of the Gold Medal for Science, the Grand Prize for Medicine, the Humanitarian Award, Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine & Science, Health America Fitness Leader, and the Business Development Award, along with being honored by Ministers of Sports and Health officials of numerous nations. He has also served as a Council Member on the President’s Council on Sports, and Fitness & Nutrition under 4 American Presidents, among many other achievements.  

Being a champion athlete with over 20 world strength records Sir Dr. Goldman has several black belts himself and is a Chinese weapons expert who is highly involved in the Martial Arts Industry including being inducted into numerous Martial Arts Hall of Fame around the world. He is also the co-founder of the MetroGoldman Movie pictures, which has produced numerous motion pictures and he has been Producer, Executive Producer, actor, and funder of numerous Hollywood productions, some of which have won awards at Film Festivals. Additionally, he oversees the 'ICON Awards' & 'Legendary Stunts Awards' annually at the Action On Film Festival and received 'The Humanitarian Award' from that organization.

Dr. Bob has definitely led an inspirational and illustrious life, yet with all of his accomplishments that this article only scratches the surface of, he still manages to donate a large portion of his time to charitable pursuits around the globe, supporting sports, fitness, and medical education for the sports and medical communities worldwide, visiting dozens of nations with a focus on youth mentorship and being instrumental in creating anti-bullying programs for children. So it comes as no surprise to many that he has been awarded the #1 spot on MIT/Metabook, and IT’s top 30 list for Global Social Humanitarian Impact, which is the main rating criteria of the Meta Health-Wealth’s reputation platform. 

I have had the privilege to observe Dr. Bob in many different settings over the years, including recently being Knighted by His Royal Highness Prince Gharios. The one thing that will grab your attention, is that he truly cares about and takes care of his friends, patients, clients, colleagues, students, and family. He has a real passion for helping others that shines bright in an unselfish and unassuming way. Recently he was featured in Psychology Today, HealPreneur, Baron Magazine, The AOF MegaFest Magazine, America’s Next Great Trainer, and Martial Science Magazine among others. With a list of accomplishments that is impressively ridiculously lengthy, if one was looking for a role model, this fine gentleman is worthy of your consideration, and most definitely deserves the award.

 MIT/Metabook, And IT’s Top 30 List For Global Social Humanitarian Impact:

1)     Robert Goldman, Hall of Fame and Anti-Aging organizations founder

2)     Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX

3)     Brett King, Technosocialism author, Metabook Chief Futurist 

4)     Bill Tai, Zoom angel and Eco activist

5)     Eric S Yuan, Zoom founder and savior of schools

6)     Michael Kaldasch, Aimedis founder, first VR Hospital 

7)     David Hamilton Nichols, conscious VC

8)     Fabrice Grinda, unicorn investor and educator in VC area

9)     Mark Ginzburg, the most transparent and social responsible capitalist

10)  John Koetsier, the most responsible among Forbes contributors

11)  John Nosta, Roster of Experts at WHO 

12)  Alexey Bozhin, founder of fastest-growing SMM SaaS company Postoplan

13)  Miko Matsumura, blockchain facilitator

14)  Marvin Liao, visionary VC

15)  Oleg Firer, Grenada promoter

16)  Matt McKibbin, Web3 pioneer

17)  Paul Bronstein, Metabool CEO, Miami VR community leader

18)  David Helgason, Unity founder

19)  Sheridan Tatsuno, VR leader and Eco activist 

20)  Tim Draper, blockchain backer

21)  Rita Das Mittal, Miami University and Miami startup community facilitator

22)  Sean Ironstag, crypto pioneer

23)  Bruce Porter Jr, networks builder

24)  Igor Bukhman, billionaire game creator

25)  Dmitry Volkov, philosopher VC

26)  Keith Teare, most informed investment guru

27)  Igor Ryabenkiy, best Russian angel

28)  Tony Evans, Crypto Entrepreneur

29)  Aleks Shamis, Webinar guru

30)  Dmitry Buterin, mentor of game-changers

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