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NMN Supplements: Everything You Need To Know

2 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on May 27, 2022, 2 p.m.

The human age limit in the past decades was barely 60 years. However, the elderly population has been rising considerably, and it is projected that by the year 2050, the number of older people with 70 years plus will run into hundreds of millions. Thanks to advances in modern medicine.

However, the challenge with long life is being able to live a healthy life. As we age, the body gets weaker, making us more vulnerable to diseases. For this reason, scientists have dived deep into research to come up with anti-aging molecules that can help human beings live longer and stay healthy.  After all, what is the point of extended longevity without improved healthspan?


What is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) Molecule?

Our body cells are made up of an important molecule known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+). These molecules play an essential role in energizing the body cells to help them perform their functions alongside repairing the DNA.

As we age, the number of NAD+ molecules declines significantly, thus altering the normal body function. A supplement was therefore needed to boost the NAD+ molecules in the body. After years of research and trials, medical scientists developed a supplement and named it nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). As a result, the mitochondrial decay that caused aging was reversed by increasing the number of NAD+ molecules through its precursor supplement NMN.

NMN has increasingly gained global attention as one of the best anti-aging supplements, and the global market for this product is running into hundreds of millions of US dollars. You can now shop for nmn powder easily online.

Potential Benefits Of NMN

Considering its role in most cellular processes, the benefits of NMN spread to nearly the whole body system. Below are some of the best-known examples.

It may help improve muscle endurance and strength.

Our bodies rely on energy for movement and stability. The muscles must constantly be supplied with sufficient energy to remain strong and stable. Because NAD+ is responsible for the metabolism of energy molecules like glucose, the body needs a steady supply of its building block, such as NMN, at the aging stage where NAD+ molecules are plummeting steadily.

May protect the heart against diseases.

The human heart is the only organ that never stops working. It can’t even slow down without resulting in complications. The heart, therefore, requires a constant supply of energy to keep it pumping. Thus, NMN may help boost the declining NAD+ molecules.

May enhance mitochondrial functions.

The mitochondrial cells are considered the powerhouse of the cells. They are solely responsible for metabolism by converting energy-giving foods like glucose into energy. Without sufficient NAD+ supply, mitochondria cells cannot produce adequate energy, and eventually, the body cells will die. NMN supply may be critical for mitochondrial functions.

May enhance repair of DNA.

A group of proteins in our DNA called sirtuins are responsible for our healthspan. They play an essential role in maintaining DNA integrity, especially when exposed to DNA altering substances like UV radiation. The NAD+ is responsible for the activation of these proteins. As NAD+ declines due to aging, NMN supplements are essential in boosting NAD+ numbers

Clinical Trials of NMN Safety

Before the release of NMN supplements for public consumption, a trial was first conducted to investigate the safety of this product. A team of medical scientists ran the first trial of NMN on humans in Japan to examine the safety of the molecule supplement. Although the sample size of the people used in the first phase of the research was small, it was clear that dosages of up to 500 mg of NMN administered orally were safe for human consumption.

After that, several clinical tests of NMN were conducted on human beings but are yet to be approved by the FDA. The world health organization also registered several clinical trials, and NMN was declared safe for human consumption. Up to date, researchers are still carrying out clinical trials on NMN supplements in humans. Clinical trials on NMN supplements have shown a great potential for boosting NAD+ molecules required to slow down the aging process with mild side effects.

NMN Side Effects On The Human Body 

Following the clinical trials both on humans and mice, medical researchers have not been able to record any side effects of NMN supplements. Several hours after administering single doses of 100,250 and 500 mg of NMN supplements, researchers could not record any abnormality in the general body functions such as blood pressure, changes in heart rate, body temperatures, or even blood oxygen levels. Blood analysis from the labs also showed no significant differences.

Despite the failure to register side effects of NMN, scientists should conduct further studies on human beings to determine whether higher doses of more than 500 mg could have adverse effects on humans. They should also carry out investigations to determine whether consumption of NMN over a long period could cause some side effects.

Bottom Line

Staying young and healthy is everyone’s dream. But ultimately aging is inevitable, and the fountain of youth has yet to be discovered. However, research in the regenerative and anti-aging medical field has shown that human beings can slow down the aging process by implementing more healthful lifestyle choices and boosting their energy levels with dietary supplements. While some people still mistakenly view anti-aging procedures as a myth, scientists around the globe behind these and other paradigm-shifting revelations are working to develop a more advanced technique for slowing the aging process.

Maybe someday, we will be able to take some kind of magic tonic and remain young forever. Until then, the NMN supplements are the science-backed real deal in slowing down the aging process in human beings.

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