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Radiation Warning: 5G Expose Cities To Untested Microwave Pollution

5 years, 8 months ago

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Posted on Nov 12, 2018, 5 p.m.

Companies are racing ahead, set on being the first carrier to debut this G5 networks, telecommunications giant Sprint is racing to roll out their technology this year, and they may have to contend with the public that is waking up to the possible health threats posed by this new wireless technology.

Sprint has stated that Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, and Washington, DC are ready and primed to go live with 5G, seeming to be all too happy to ignore the prospect of increased EMF radiation and the increased possible health risks that will accompany it.

New fifth generation wireless networks are said to feature substantial increases in data and speed capacity, to enable further connection with the interwebs and linked systems of cell phones, laptops, home appliances, security systems, cars, and drones. Sprint is dubbing this new level of innovation and progress, but health experts are warning we are just now learning about long term exposure to 2G and 3G and this advance is untested and could expose us to new levels of unwanted radiation.

Massive MIMO large scale antenna systems will power Sprint’s Gigabit LTE which will facilitate high bandwidth applications that Sprint is boasting are capable of delivering up to 10 times the capacity of existing LTE systems. Customers will be able to access Massive MIMO using 2.5 GHz bands, Sprint will be deploying thousands of Massive MIMO radios in 2019 to increase the network capacity across the country….. “ Can you hear me know?”

Implementing this new technology involves adding thousands of new cell sites to expand coverage and densify networks with more of the smaller cells to increase speed and capacity. Microwave radiation from these new EMFs  will increase exponentially which not everyone is onboard with nor the untested and hectic speed in which is being allowed to be implemented.

At least on politician is brave enough to stand up and say that we need to slow down. Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck is urging his colleague to vote against SR 637 and SR 894 bills that would pave the way for 5G technology. He has testified about serious concerns regarding the potential health risks of these new high frequency wireless transmitters, cell phones, smart meters, and WiFi routers while pointing out that 5G operated in the 24 to 90+ GHz spectrum utilizing higher frequencies than ever used or tested before; 5G will require one transmitter for every 10 homes which will create an unprecedented concentration of such devices, untested.

Colbeck is not a technophobe either as he is a former aerospace engineer and has been described as an early adopter of new technologies. But he believes the potential risks of the untested technology using higher frequencies in higher density radiation are far too serious to ignore. He points out public health and welfare of the people must come before economic and technology and has called for an evaluation of the health impacts of the new 5G systems.

In his testimony he highlighted that wireless radiation has been associated with cancer, neurological problems, and reproductive damage, adding that the young and unborn children are particularly at risk. Despite the concerned senator’s testimony both bills have passed and are now headed to the House floor where passage there is also expected.

Studies have confirmed that 2G and 3G microwave radiation can damage DNA, and is linked to the damage of fragile cell DNA, mitochondria, and is associated with cognitive problems, impaired fertility, and cancers of the skin, lungs, liver, breast, and prostate.

3G technology radiation exposure at amounts considerably under mandated levels has been found to promote formation of brain tumors in animals, These technologies operate are significantly lower density and frequency than 5G which is seriously alarming.

Heart patients should be aware that frequencies used in smart meters can affect myocardial function causing irregularities that can overwork the heart resulting in fatigued cardiac function.

Microwave sickness additionally is a real and present danger for millions of people of will be exposed which is an acknowledged disorder. W.H.O. has reported that 3.5-5% of the population currently suffers from the condition. Susceptible individuals experience a range of symptoms varying from headache, fatigue, depression, nausea, dizziness, mood swings, and sleep disorders when in close proximity to cell phone towers, WiFi routers, and satellite TV antennas.

Increased radiation from the advent of these 5G systems is virtually guaranteed to exacerbate suffering and increase numbers of individuals affected in a variety of unfortunate ways from cancer to cognitive decline among others.

You can take action to help reduce exposure against EMF radiation by using wired technology instead of wireless systems at home and join groups urging workplaces and schools to use wired internet. The American Academy of Pediatrics has new recommendations to help protect children from exposure that are worth looking at as well.

Whenever possible opt for the old fashioned wired phone lines, and when using a mobile device try to keep it at least an inch away from your head, or even better make use of speakerphone options, hands-free headsets or earphones. Keep calls brief and text rather than call whenever possible.

Many neighborhoods are joining together to protest the placement of these new 5G antennas on light poles within their communities. Noted geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has spoke of the modern mobile device phenomenon as being immersed in a sea of microwaves, and suggests that the time to prevent these seas from rising further is now.

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