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Sleeping under an electric blanket may be hazardous to your health

8 years, 10 months ago

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Posted on Mar 03, 2009, 12 p.m. By gary clark

Keeping the thermostat down in these chilly winter months is a great way to save money. But is sleeping under an electric blanket to stay warm worth the risk?

According to scientists, sleeping under an electric blanket creates a low-level electromagnetic field (EMF) that gives off 10 to 20 mG (milliGauss) right next to the blanket, and half that six inches away.  That's 5 to 20 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed safe level of exposure. What's more, the magnetic field created by electric blankets penetrates about 6 or 7 inches into the body for hours at a time, which qualifies as chronic exposure. As the article in states, regular use of an electric blanket can increase the risk of breast and endometrial cancer, and it has been linked with miscarriages and childhood leukemia. Click here to read the complete article, Is your electric blanket safe? February 24, 2009

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