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Smart Group Announces India’s 1st Anti-Aging & Preventive Healthcare Conference

1 year ago

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Posted on Jan 17, 2020, 2 p.m.

Smart Group is inviting Integrative and Preventive Medicine stakeholders to rally together for a two day event that has been jointly organised with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; this conference event is a corollary of the annual A4M World Congress which is attended by over 5000 physicians in America.

From January 18-19, 2020 doctors, specialists, general practitioners, nutritionists, alternative medicine practitioners and other stakeholders in healthcare who are looking to expand their horizons will be gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Delhi to attend the event which will be loaded with the latest in cutting edge innovations and practices for healthcare with the key focus being on preventive and integrative health.

Aside from over 600 leading health practitioners, representatives of Government and bureaucracy and Partnership with Premium Medical Associations from across India attending the conference there will also be a series of lectures which will be conducted by some of the most accomplished and renowned clinical expert leaders in the field travelling to join the informative and educational presentation of information from Canada and America to share the most cutting edge research which will feature topics such as Intermittent Fasting, Gut Metabolism, Inflammation, Memory and Focus, Stem Cells, as well as Genomics and Regenerative Medicine among many others. 

“I envision a world where people can live Happy & Healthy, beyond 100. This event and the doctors & exhibitors associated with it are the people who will be able to crack the code to create this world and I feel happy that I can lead this new healthcare revolution in India,” says Dr. BK Modi, founder-chairman of Smart Group. 

“Globally, there is a positive shift towards integrative and functional medicine to complement and optimise traditional medicine methods. It doesn’t matter if you are an MD or GP, any kind of additional knowledge about how a human body interacts with itself in the face of stress or any lifestyle the disorder is worthy. The medical industry is on the cusp of a revolution and practitioners will have to keep up to continue to stay relevant,”  says Preeti Malhotra, president of Modi Mediciti and GMHRC. “Our vision behind bringing this concept to India was to disrupt the healthcare model in the country. Healthcare services currently offered across the country are essentially based on reactive care and not preventive care. We want to completely transform this dynamic.”

A4M announced the new partnership with India as part of the continued commitment to international expansion, this will be the first two day event in New Delhi, India that will serve as a foundational course in the fundamental tenets of Anti-Aging Medicine. The conference was planned by world renowned experts, clinicians, and researchers in the field of Integrative Medicine and it will highlight the most recently emerging therapeutic practices and protocols in personalized and preventive care; with a focus on how to customize as well as individualize medicine, and address the root causes in order to better enhance patient care. 

A4M and the Centre’s mutually aligned goals will redefine today’s practice of healthcare through a holistic and comprehensive approach. A4M expansion into India marks an important step towards facilitating the goals of preventive medicine on disease prevention before symptoms occur. A4M is positioned to advance the landscape of modern medicine in partnership with healthcare practitioners and professionals around the globe, for the benefit of all.

To find out more or join us in redefining medicine click here: A4M India Conference 

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