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Study Appears To Awaken Dormant Hair Follicles

3 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Dec 04, 2018, 8 p.m.

Participants treated with lead therapeutic candidate injections have experienced average increased hair growth of seven hairs per cm2 in a Phase IIa scalp study.

Positive data has been reported by Follicum from their Phase IIa study in the first in man scalp trial to examine the safety and therapeutic effects of different doses of their lead candidate FOL-005 injected 3 times per week, according to Follicum this study confirmed it is safe with minimal side effects reported.

The lead candidate is a modified short version of the endogenous protein osteopontin which was previously reported to lead to hair developing in mice injected with the modified protein, inspiring the biotech into the alopecia space.

Highest doses of the lead candidate showed the treatment resulted in increased hair growth and an increase in the number if hair follicles in growth phase with minimal side effects, which is of importance to alopecia patients who have a reduced hair growth period.

Further trials are being planned to evaluate the efficacy of FOL-005 with a topical formulation to examine dosage and dose frequency. Follicum will also be focusing on finding a suitable partner for further development.

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