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Vitamin C deficiency and high C-reactive protein levels linked to chronic diseases

9 years, 7 months ago

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Posted on Aug 13, 2009, 11 a.m.

A recent study found that a deficiency in vitamin C correlated with increased levels of c-reative protein among the subject studied. Those who did not receive the daily recommended allowance for vitamin C also exhibited larger waist circumference, body mass index and higher blood pressure.

The findings of a cross-sectional study conducted by the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto are consistent with previous research showing the effects of vitamin C deficiency. Inadequate vitamin C levels have been shown to decrease the body's ability to burn fat when exercising. A study conducted ten years ago by the Boston University School of Medicine and the Lunus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University concluded that vitamin C intake of 500mg per day can reduce blood pressure and hypertension.

The new study linking vitamin deficiency with high CRP levels is important because levels of C-reactive protein increases in the blood when infection and inflammation are present, and high c-reactive protein levels have been linked to atherosclerosis, cholesterol build-up, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancers.

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