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Water Aerobics

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Posted on Oct 18, 2018, 5 p.m.

Water aerobics are exercises which are typically performed in shallow water such as a pool. There are many benefits to adding water aerobics to exercise regimens to improve overall health.

Water supplies additional resistance to oppose body movements in a non-impactful manner to exercise your muscles. Water aerobics can be done alone, but there are many fun, popular water aerobics classes done with the guidance of a trainer to help you maximize your efforts. For beginners it is recommended to start in a class as it can be difficult to judge exertion in these exercises, and to ensure that each movement is being done correctly to avoid injury. Combining cardiovascular exercises with water resistance training is considered to be one of the most efficient forms of exercise, especially for older individuals.

Water aerobics are commonly used by people with injuries and those who need to reduce impact on injured or sore joints and body parts. This form of exercise is also popular with older individuals and those suffering with arthritis or obesity. Intensity of water aerobics may not get heart rates going as high as those on land, but a great deal of effort is required for these exercises, and some studies have shown it increases blood flow to the heart.

Water aerobics affords many impressive benefits such as ability to increase muscle strength, alleviate pressure on joints, and help optimize bowel function, among others. Theses low impact exercises can help to boost health and physical vitality by increasing muscle strength, boosting endurance capabilities, support flexibility, help eliminates, help reduce signs of anxiety and depression, aid in weight loss, help lower blood pressure, alleviate pressure on joints, help prevent injury, provide relief from chronic pain, improve spinal problems, boost bone health, increase joint strength, promote healthy bowel function, stimulate circulation and blood flow, increase confidence and moods, increase stamina and endurance, and support overall physical and mental health.

Benefits of water aerobics are hard to deny, however there a some potential side effects and medical conditions that may preclude one from enjoying these exercises such as issues with skin and hair, asthma symptoms, and potential heart problems. Exposure to chlorine in excess may damage the skin and hair making proper showering and moisturizing very important. Some people may be allergic to chlorine or bromine common to swimming pools which may result in irritation and topical inflammation of the skin.

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