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Yoga For Beginners

7 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Jul 02, 2018, 7 p.m.

There are numerous types of yoga practiced worldwide, including plenty of advice for beginners. Some of the best beginner poses include triangle, plank, downward facing dog, bridge, and warrior 1. Holding these poses in rooms full of other people may seem like torture to some, but there is no reason you can’t do it at home.


Yoga is combination of a union of spirit, body, and mind originating more than 5,000 years ago that is practiced by about 2 billion people around the world. Yoga at its core is about clarifying the mind and attuning the body to movements of the spirit, some poses have been used for thousands of years and are intended to align body energy flow, detoxify organ systems, and focus on breathing.

Each asana is different intended to target different part of the body, postures can be rotated through quickly forming a type of flow, or more slowly to focus on increasing strength and stamina. There really isn’t a wrong way to approach yoga, as long as it only includes activities that allow you to be comfortable, potential benefits will be lost if one is anxious, self conscious, or straining the body, as this can cause inflammation and possible injuries.


Plank pose starts on all fours, curling toes under and rise up into push up position. Goal here is to create a straight line, it can be held as long as you want but 8-10 deep breaths are recommended to helps improve balance and strengthen core abdominals, and build endurance in the arm and back muscles.


Triangle pose begins starting standing with legs spread and stretching arms out at shoulder length, turn right foot 90 degrees and slightly angle left foot towards right leg. Lean slightly over right leg, resting right hand on knee/thigh/calf depending on flexibility, extend left arm straight over head for 8-10 deep breaths. Then repeat on opposite side to help open up the hips and stretching upper leg muscles while engaging balance and opening up lungs for deep breathing.


Downward facing dog begins on all fours with hands under shoulder and knees beneath hips, lift hips off ground as you roll back onto your heels, simultaneously walk hands forward to form a pyramid with your body. You should feel the pull in hamstrings, while keeping arms straight, hips back and rotating inner elbows to face ground. Hold for 5-8 deep breaths. This pose stretches out the lower back and hamstrings while strengthening the core.


Warrior 1 pose starts by taking a large step back with left foot placing right leg in a lunge, angling left foot forward between 70-80 degrees. Press hands together and raise them above the head stretching out the chest. Hold for 5-6 breaths then switch legs to repeat. This pose loosens up the hamstrings and hips while opening up the chest for optimal breathing.


Bridge pose starts with lying on the back with feet flat on ground spread out to shoulder width. Lift buttocks off ground forming a flat plane from head to knees, clasp finger beneath you and press down into the ground. You will feel a strong stretch in the chest, hold for 5-6 breaths, return to mat and repeat. This pose stretches the front of the body mainly the abdomen and chest, and strengthens the back muscles especially the buttocks and lower back.

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