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Zombie Cells Found To Drive Aging

2 years, 5 months ago

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Posted on Jun 16, 2019, 4 p.m.

Zombie senescent cells are significant factors of the aging process, and in diseases associated with increased age. People may be able to reverse the harmful effects of the undying harmful cells via healthy lifestyle choices which includes getting enough sleep, being active, avoiding stress, and getting enough nutrients.

Senescent cells earned the nickname of being zombie cells as they do not die or function like their normal counterparts; rather they accumulate inside tissues as an organism gets older and cause harm such as hampering the metabolism of healthy tissues and cells by reducing their functions which weakens the health of the organism.

These zombie cells are responsible for stopping growth and reproduction of cells, halting production of proteins that serve as building blocks for new cellular structures, and making other cells more vulnerable to apoptosis, which is the natural process of cell death they are able to avoid.

Around the globe scientists are working to understand the secrets these zombie cells are trying to hide; if senescent cells can be prevented from forming or functioning it may be possible to slow down and even reverse to some degree the effects of aging.

Very similar to science fiction zombie movies that show infection being spread by zombies biting people, these senescent zombie cells release enzymes that cause harm to healthy tissues and cells around them. But this is science fact, these protein based compounds cause damage to the DNA holding a cell’s template and the mitochondria structures that provide energy for cellular processes.

Stem cells that can transform into any tissue are at particular risk. These stem cells have the role of repairing and regenerating damaged parts of the body, by taking these stem cells out the zombie cells prevent proper healing and recovery of injured tissues.

Enzymes of zombie cells also specifically target the protective telomeres that cover the end of DNA strands; large numbers of DNA strands with damaged or shortened telomeres are signs of age related degeneration.

Senescent cells can trigger bouts of chronic inflammation, while inflammation is a natural immune response to pathogens, too much is a bad thing as it can harm healthy cells if it lasts after the infection or injury is healed.

Chronic inflammation can also be triggered by stress, alcohol, smoking, sugar heavy foods, and exposure to toxins and radiation; chronic stress is strongly associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Those wishing to slow down the aging process would do well to manage chronic inflammation, of which there are many methods to regulate inflammatory responses including drug free anti-aging techniques that may even help to reverse degeneration of healthy tissues and cells.

Adding health supplements to the diet that help to improve function of the body may be of benefit. The Ohio State University College of Medicine conducted a study showing that omega-3 fatty acids can extend the length of telomeres.

Quercetin and astaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress associated with aging which science backs up, making them good candidates for supplements.

Managing stress to help the immune system remain active and in control of inflammatory responses is a good idea. Physical exercise and deep breathing techniques have been shown to be effective techniques for reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Extra body fat correlates to elevated levels of inflammation, meaning preventing obesity may help to decrease the risk for chronic diseases, thus it is recommended to aim for a healthy body weight and try to keep it that way.

Adopting a well balanced healthy diet which includes plenty of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds will go along way to helping both the mind and body in many ways. It is recommended to avoid heavily processed foods, and sugary rich products as much as possible.

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