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Singing May Be Good Medicine for Parkinson's Patients


Voice coaching appears to help swallowing and breathing, study finds

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Walnuts Boost Good Gut Bacteria


Recent study shows that walnuts increase the diversity of gut bacteria and appear to act in much the same manner as prebiotcs.

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Probiotics - The Key to Solving Health Issues?


Probiotics have shown strong potential to support human health, however, the industry is unregulated and unpredictable.

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Is It Safe to Take Ibuprofen for the Aches and Pains of Exercise?


New study explores the safety of NSAID use during and after physical activity.

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Discovery of a New Compound Turns on a Longevity Gene in Mice


New compound provides an observed 90% increase in the activation of the gene's activation in the animal's heart tissue

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