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Stem Cells Responsible for Geckos’ Tail Regeneration discovered … Use in spinal cord treatment in the future.


Interesting new regenerative medicine research

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

First Human Head Transplant Successfully Achieved!


USA Today called it an “Audacious Therapy.”

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Cinnamon Makes More Than Your Mouth Heat Up


New research from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute suggests that cinnamon may be beneficial in the fight against obesity.

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Female Healthy Heart Advantage


A first ever study suggests females have a healthier heart and that it is linked to the ovarian hormones

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Stem Cells Induce Teeth to Self-Repair

Gluten Intolerance Goes Mostly Undiagnosed in Canada


Test results on research done in Canada implies that people with celiac disease are unaware that they even have it.

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