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Uncovered: Key To How Exercise Protects Against Consequences Of Aging


“Exercise-induced ROS drives adaptive responses that are integral to the health-promoting effects of exercise,”

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Discovery Illuminates How Brain Cells Die In Prion Diseases

Researchers show how toxic aggregates are formed inside brain cells, and how to block the cell-killing process—which may also be at work in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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Best Ranking Diets For 2022

We all are aware that diets come and go with the breeze, promising results and tempting us with dreams of achieving the perfect goal. In reality, any frustrated dieter knows that dieting is not easy, and to be honest, most diets really don’t work or they are not sustainable, even worse some are actually unhealthy and can threaten your health. Weeding out the truth from fads and dieting can be tricky to determine if the plan can actually deliver on its claims.

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Curcumin Is The Spice Of Life When Delivered Via Tiny Nanoparticles

For years, curry lovers have sworn by the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, but its active compound, curcumin, has long frustrated scientists hoping to validate these claims with clinical studies.

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New Research Gives Hope For Sight Recovery In Stroke Survivors

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have revealed new insights by combining data from clinical sight tests with brain imaging to precisely map the areas of the brain affected by sight loss. This allows the identification of visual brain areas where function could potentially be improved with rehabilitation. The research, which was funded by the charity Fight for Sight has been published today in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

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Redefining Medicine Episode 58 Special Guest Ronald Klatz MD, DO

A4M Redefining Medicine: Dr.Klatz Discusses The Beginning Of Anti-Aging Medicine and Chronic Diseases

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Human Growth Hormone

Immortality Now: Grow Younger with HGH

Learn how Energy Medicine can be used to improve your own health and well–being

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