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First Attempt At Weight Loss Not Going Well?


At WHN we have long said that setbacks are not failures, rather they are an opportunity to learn

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Too Much Sleep May Increase Risk Of Dementia

Sleep is wonderful, you get to relax, recharge and unwind while hopefully having great dreams. Sleep is a complex biological process when both the mind and body recover from your adventures during your waking hours, and there is ample documentation showing how important sleep is to your health and well-being. But can you sleep too much, could spending too much time in slumberland have negative effects? According to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, going to bed too early or sleeping too long increases the risk of dementia. 

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Processed Fiber May Increase Risk Of Liver Cancer

According to a study recently published in Gastroenterology, looking at diets high in fermentable fiber in mice and the associated risk for developing liver cancer, diets that are high in processed fiber may increase the risk of liver cancer in some people. 

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Meal Time May Help Protect Against Cognitive Decline

Meeting daily energy needs with similar meals three times a day may help to avoid cognitive decline according to a recent study published in Life Metabolism, which also demonstrated that skipping breakfast was associated with worse cognitive function and quicker cognitive decline. 

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Waking Up And Moving Early In The AM Is Healthier Than Night Owl Patterns

Article courtesy of Dr. Joel Kahn, MD, who is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine, one of the world's top cardiologists, best-selling author, lecturer, and a leading expert in plant-based nutrition and holistic care.

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Immortality Now! With Special Guest Dr. Valter Longo Discussing New Discoveries Of Fasting For Longevity

Immortality Now! Hosted By Dr. Ron Klatz and Co-Host Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP With Special Guest Dr. Valter Longo Discussing New Discoveries Of Fasting For Longevity

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Immortality Now! With Special Guest Dr. Michelle Weiner DO, MPH

Immortality Now! With Special Guest Dr. Michelle Weiner DO, MPH

Discussing CBD, medical marijuana, and psychedelics

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