Safety and efficacy of curcumin in certain cancers is confirmed.

Known best as the substance in turmeric that gives the curry spice its characteristic yellow color, curcumin has been found by previous studies to exert antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anticancer, and lipid-lowering ...

Chronic pain can cause a 42 minute sleep debt, and acute pain can cause people to lose 14 minutes a night.

The National Sleep Foundation’s “2015 Sleep in America® Poll” reports that pain joins two related concerns – stress and poor health – as key correlates of shorter sleep durations and worse ...

Being a “lone wolf” may threaten how long you might live.

A number of previous studies suggest health promoting effects of social connectedness.  Julianne Holt-Lunstad, from Brigham Young University (Utah, USA), and colleagues completed a meta-analysis involving published studies on loneliness ...

Mechanism of aging-related long-term memory loss is identified (fruitfly model).

In that memory loss is a major consideration in aging, scientists have yet to clearly identify the molecular reasons of the process.  Ron Davis, from The Scripps Research Institute (Florida ...

Study of identical twins reveals the deleterious physiological effects of lack of exercise.

Abandoning a routine fitness regimen can trigger negative changes in both the body and brain.  M. Rottensteiner, from the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), and colleagues assessed 10 pairs of identical ...

Japanese robot manufacturer devises a machine to measure the fitness levels of elderly people based on how they move their feet.

In cooperation with the University of Tsukuba (Japan), Yasukawa Electric Corp. (Japan) – best known as a leading manufacturer of industrial robots, has devised a machine to measure the fitness levels ...


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April 23, 2015
• How to Halve Heart Attack Risk
• Sour Warning on Sugar
• Scientific Basis for Benefits of Napping
• Novel Neurology Diagnostic
• Coffee Curtails Calcification
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Surprising Ways the Moon Affects Your Health
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8 Nutrients to Protect the Aging Brain
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Can You Be Addicted to Foods?
Autoimmune  –
Morgellons Disease – A New Autoimmune Disease?

Mediterranean Diet  
How to Halve Heart Attack Risk
Decade–long study of Greek residents reaffirms the potent heart health effects of the Mediterranean diet.
Sour Warning on Sugar
World Health Organization (WHO) urges that sugar intake should be reduced to no more than 10% of overall calories.
Benefits of Napping  
Scientific Basis for Benefits of Napping
A 30–minute nap modulates two neuroendocrine compounds.
Skin Biopsy  
Novel Neurology Diagnostic
A skin biopsy detects elevated levels of abnormal proteins found in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
Functional Foods
Coffee Curtails Calcification
3–5 cups of coffee a day may reduce risks of coronary artery calcium buildup – a frequent precursor to atherosclerosis.

MCII Hollywood  
Spring 2015 Session of the
23nd Annual World Congress
on Anti-Aging Medicine
Hollywood, FL/May 7–9, 2015
Taking place May 7-9, 2015 in Hollywood, FL USA, join over 3,000 healthcare practitioners, both domestic and international, for this continuing medical education conference where many expert health care professionals will teach, lecture, and demonstrate different aspects of emerging Anti-Aging Medicine.
Editorial Spotlight

Townsend Letter  
The April, 2015 issue of Townsend Letter focusing on Women’s Health features:
  • "Integrative Treatments for Cancer-Treatment Related Cognitive Dysfunction," by Lise Alschuler, ND. Chemotherapy affects the brain in subtle but damaging ways. There are nutritional supplements that can help.
  • "What is Triple–Negative Breast Cancer," by Barbara MacDonald, ND, LAc. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a less common but more aggressive form of breast cancer. While there are no FDA–approved single–target therapies, complementary medicine offers important treatment supports.
  • "An Anti-Aging Approach to Women’s Health," by Ronald Klatz, MD, DO and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD.
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