Engaging in physical activity a few times per week – and not necessarily with greater frequency – may be most beneficial among middle-aged women.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest a wide range of health benefits to regular physical activity, but there is some debate as to the extent and frequency optimal for ...

“Soft robotics” are biodegradable, miniaturized surgical tools that can safely dissolve in the body, after completing a diagnostic or delivering targeted drug t

Surpassing current bulky technologies, the next generation of medical robotics are smaller, flexible, and self-powered  The latest innovation in the field of  'soft robotics' is a flexible, microscopic hand-like gripper ...

Folate, abundant in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, may reduce migraine frequency.

A debilitating neurovascular disorder, migraine raises a person’s risks of cardiovascular disease and endothelial dysfunction.  Lyn R. Griffiths, from Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and colleagues studied 41 women ...

Telomere shortening may trigger severe pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema.

The protective endcaps of chromosomes that affect how quickly cells age, telomeres are combinations of DNA and proteins that protect the ends of chromosomes and help them remain stable. Telomere ...

Increasing klotho improves cognitive function in spite of the presence of Alzheimer’s toxic compounds in the brain, in a mouse model.

The life extension protein Klotho decreases with aging, which also leads to a decline in cognitive ability. A previous study revealed that having a genetic variant that increases klotho levels ...

In this Technology Review, A4M President Dr. Ronald Klatz shares a roundup of current wearable health monitoring technologies that are non-invasive systems that

Wearable health monitoring technologies provide real-time sensing of physiological signals, with data delivered via telemetry for monitoring, recording, and transmission for detailed analysis. Such devices are of great interest in ...


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March 19, 2015
• Vitamin D – Stroke Link
• For Knee Condition, Supplement Shows
  "Comparable Efficacy" to Drug

• Biotech Lengthens Telomeres
• Red Wine Compound Raises

• Peer Into the Anti–Aging Brain
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Dietary Supplementation –
Microbiome – Glutamine Alters Gut Flora
Energy Medicine  –
Can Sound Heal?
Sleep –
Is too much artificial light at night making us sick?
Longevity  –
Bursts of fasting may be key to longevity and health

Vitamin D  
Vitamin D – Stroke Link
Low vitamin D levels may not only increase a person’s risk of stroke, but lower their health post–stroke.
knee pain  
Dietary Supplementation
For Knee Condition, Supplement Shows "Comparable Efficacy" to Drug
Dietary supplementation of glucosamine with chondroitin sulfate may reduce pain, stiffness, and functional limitations, among people suffering from knee osteoarthritis.
Anti–Aging Research Science
Biotech Lengthens Telomeres
Scientists deliver a modified mRNA encoding enzyme to cause telomeres to lengthen a finite, but significant, amount, in the lab setting.
Red Wine Grapes  
Functional Foods
Red Wine Compound Raises Neurogenesis
Resveratrol doubles the growth and development of neurons, in a lab animal model.
Brain MRI  
Brain and Mental Performance
Peer Into the Anti–Aging Brain
What characterizes the brains of men and women with cognitive skills as sharp as those of people decades younger?

Fellowship Modules
Atlanta, GA/March 26-28, 2015
Module XX(A): Metabolic Code Triad Training led by Dr. James LaValle covers the five different triads and the inter–connectedness of the body’s systems. Module XVI(E): Applied Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment with Case Presentations led by Dr. Mark Houston will provide a case–study based course with an in-depth overview of diagnosis and management of hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure.

MCII Hollywood  
Spring 2015 Session of the
23nd Annual World Congress
on Anti-Aging Medicine
Hollywood, FL/May 7–9, 2015
Taking place May 7-9, 2015 in Hollywood, FL USA, join over 3,000 healthcare practitioners, both domestic and international, for this continuing medical education conference where many expert health care professionals will teach, lecture, and demonstrate different aspects of emerging Anti-Aging Medicine.
NEW State–of–Specialty Review Publishes in Peer–Reviewed Journal

A4M logo   "Introduction to the Science of Anti-Aging Medicine: A State-of-the-Specialty Review" is published in the Inaugural Issue of Jacobs Journal of Gerontology, a peer-reviewed journal by Jacobs Publishers – a leading publisher in science, medicine, chemistry, engineering, and pharmacy.
      This review article presents the background, history, and accomplishments of the anti–aging medical model, and discusses future developments in this fast–growing clinical specialty.
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Proceedings of the Twenty–First World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies. eReader format for convenient reading on Kindle, iPad, and Nook.



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