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Distinguished Organziational Affiliations

  • Korean Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (KA3M). Founded in 1999. The goal of the society is to develop international association and exchange of new anti-aging knowledge. Concentrated especially on the integration of tranditional oriental anti-aging medicine and up-to-date western anti-aging medicine.
  • Academy of Healthy Aging: An international group of physicians, scientists, and academicians who advance the concept of healthy aging, a comprehensive program of preventive health including early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases.
  • Academy of Optimal Aging: A worldwide body of physicians, health practitioners, scientists, and academics formed to promulgate knowledge in the concept of optimal aging, which aims to maintain the peak physical performance and mental acuity of youth.
  • Academy of Successful Aging: A global academy representing physicians, scientists, and academicians involved in research or clinical aspects of successful aging, the prolongation and extension of one’s youthful biological age.