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This Membership Benefits and Services section is designed for Members of the A4M, and Subscribers and/or its Affiliates. The Membership Benefits and Services section is designed to afford’s Members and Subscribers deep discounts on purchases such as but not limited to Travel, Professional, and Educational products.



The Member Services section is also designed to be a place to help’s Members and Subscribers communicate with each other, publish articles on, and use the Revolutionary Co-Branded Newsletter to advertise themselves, products, or future products by staying in “the face” of their consumers, patients, referral sources, and partners on a weekly basis by offering’s original content.


Furthermore, the Co-Branded Newsletter acts as a personalized marketing tool for members and subscribers to post their own original content and advertisements for their business and share it with their consumers, patients, referral sources, partners, and social media such as Facebook, and Twitter on a weekly basis.

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