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june 8, 2017 
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Antioxidant Could Slow Skin Aging


Methylene blue, a common, inexpensive and safe chemical could slow or even reverse symptoms of aging in human skin.

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Immune System Deteriorates with Age

New Insights into Why the Immune System Deteriorates with Age


Using single-cell sequencing, researchers have shed light on a long-standing debate regarding why the immune system weakens with age.

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Antibody Fights Fat

Antibody Fights Fat, Fires up Metabolism


Researchers discovered that giving a particular antibody to mice not only increases bone mass, but also counteracts weight gain.

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DNA Vaccine Protects Against Alzheimers

IBM's Watson - Best Doctor In The World?


The supercomputer known as Watson will soon be the best diagnostician in the world, according to Andrew McAfee, one of its creators

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Brain Cells Limit Fat Burning During Dieting

New Method of Slowing Cancer Growth Discovered


Using CRISPR gene editing to remove a specific protein, researchers were able to slow the growth of cells that characterize many types of cancer.

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David Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Best-Selling Author

Immortality Now Video

Learn how coffee, ketones, and a bit of butter can set the table for your anti-aging lifestyle.

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Enjoy the April 2017 issue of the Townsend Letter


The Role of Regenerative Medicine in Breast Reconstruction by Karina Gordin, MSc


Suzanne Somers relates her personal experience with breast reconstruction that used stem cell assisted lipotransfer.

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Ultrasound: A New Bibliography of Human Studies Indicates Extreme Risk by Jim West


Largely unknown in North America, peat, clay, and mud (peloids) are an old-time naturopathic treatment that has many therapeutic effects.

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An Anti-Aging Approach to Women's Health by Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO


Simple and effective ways to enhance women's health – with particular focus on natural interventions for heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

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