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2020 Coronavirus Report

4 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Jan 30, 2020, 12 a.m.

Article courtesy of: Dr. Ron Klatz M.D., D.O. who is the President/Founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), best selling author, lecturer, innovator, medical scientist, leading authority on anti-aging and longevity, and advocate for health, happiness, and wellness for all. 

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1. This epidemic virus spread may be cancelled with a simple and very inexpensive decontamination kit that you can purchase most of the parts for at your local discount dollar shop. The materials mentioned in this article can help to stop infections from spreading by mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and hands by providing a personal protective barrier.

The Low Cost Viral Defense Kit

2. A clear plastic whole face mask can provide protection for your eyes, nose, ears and mouth. These are typically manufactured from plastic materials similar to common plastic bottles. They have a small opening at the mouth hole that allows for easy breathing, and this opening has protection with a respirator like filter to prevent virus inhalation or an antiviral imbedded filter respirator mask material for your safety. 

3. Hoody jackets or parkas with hoods that pull tightly around the mask with elastics on the waist and wrist form a seal. These are manufactured with materials that are threaded with both copper and silver threads that kill viruses on contact. 

4. Antiviral/anti-infectious gloves contain antiviral solutions bound right into the material. These gloves also have elasticated wrists for protection of hands and reduce the possibility of picking up unwanted germs. 

5. Having a simple decontamination kit ready when you arrive at your destination will give you the ability to spray down the gloves, hoody and mask. Once sprayed with the antiviral, which should be packed waiting in a large bucket, store all materials in the container while not in use with a tightly sealed lid. 

Infections can’t occur unless they are given an opportunity to penetrate the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth, and nose. This simple low cost kit will help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus as well as other pathogens to keep the wearer safe. 

Five minute PCR diagnostic testing

Airport surveillance for infectious disease is little more than TSA theater.

The coronavirus is reported to have an incubation period of eight days or more which means that an individual would not display symptoms early in the infection, and could transmit the virus to many others around him.

6. A more effective and intelligent means of identifying those at risk to themselves and others would be a rapid PCR test that only requires a swab against the cheek or tongue for a quick analysis within five minutes with an accuracy near 100%.  This test and could be easily done prior to boarding and would ensure that no one on board would be transmitting viral particles to other passengers with the costs for such testing being very minimal.

Airlines as incubators

It’s been said that flying for hours with 300 strangers in the cabin is like spending an evening in a sewer pipe.

7. A readily available solution to this situation is to open all air vents to purge the cabin in-flight with fresh air, as currently almost all air in the cabin is recirculated including viral particles in the air making most flights the equivalent of biological gas chambers. There are commercially available viral filtration, ozonation and ionization devices that will fit into existing airline air conditioning systems to improve the quality of air, and reduce the risk of infection. Airlines have been reluctant to implement such public health measures due to increases in costs per flight.

Once on the ground airline cabins can be effectively disinfected by flushing the cabin air with a highly concentrated blast of ozone and ions which will seek out and bond to all biological compounds. Currently there are ion generators available at low costs.

Innovative Therapeutics

8. An exciting new technology is Photo Modulation Intravenous Blood Irradiation which can be easily accomplished thanks to recently developed technology that allows for intravenous delivery of photosensitizing agents to the blood that can have specific antibacterial and antiviral actions as well. Ultraviolet/ozone/ or red laser light irradiation of the venous blood itself can be achieved through a simple IV line. This technology has been proven to be remarkably effective in laboratory tests against multiple different viral and bacterial infectious pathogens.

Proven safe and natural therapies

9. There are dozens of well-known safe and natural TCM herbal nutritional botanical or pharmaceutical agents that have demonstrated strong antiviral actions and/or immune stimulating actions that can be recruited in the treatment of coronavirus.

  • ozone, liquid iodine, garlic, turmeric, ginger, oregano, zinc, star anise, basil,
  • rosemary, peppermint, echinacea, apple cider vinegar, green tea, colloidal silver,
  • astragalus, selenium, vitamins C/D/E, elderberry, liquorice, St John’s wort, and tea tree oil.

Hand Hygiene

Hands are the number one source for spread of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that are looking to infect you by gaining access to the body via your mucus membranes. So wash your hands often, again and again. Make sure to wash your hands frequently when in public, especially after using the restroom, before handling/consuming food, touching your face, or after touching highly used things such as door handles, crosswalk signal buttons, and elevator buttons, and then again when you return home. 

Wet your hands with clean running water and apply soap. Lather your hands with the soap making sure you wash the back of your hands, between your fingers, palms, wrists, and under your nails to remove all dirt, organic matter, and most of the transient organisms that may have been acquired through contact with another person and the environment. Do not give these nasties the chance to penetrate your mucus membranes from your hands. 

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Dr. Ron Klatz M.D., D.O. is the President/Founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). With over 28,000 physicians and scientific members, the A4M has trained over 150,000 health professionals from 120 countries. He is a medical scientist, innovator, and leading authority in the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine and longeivty, he has authored 47 best selling books with 2 million+ copies in print. Business Week recognized him as the Guru of “anti-aging medicine” as he actually coined the term. Dr. Klatz, Senior Editor of WorldHealth.Net believes everyone healthy today can achieve a 120 year healthy lifespan by adopting the A4M Anti-Aging lifestyle. Dr. Klatz is an advocate for health, happiness, and wellness for all. 

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