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A4M and Regenerative Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Robert Goldman

7 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Dec 04, 2023, 10 p.m.

Dr. Robert Goldman Co-Founder and Chairman of A4M and (WHN) is this month’s cover story in TOP DOCTOR MAGAZINE. In an interview with Riley George, Dr. Goldman shares part of his inspiring story, achievements, and path to co-founding the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine(A4M). 

“We want to continue to educate the physician community as we have done for three decades,” Dr. Robert Goldman said. 

“We’re very inclusive. We have many forms and specialties. In other words, we will have a plastic surgeon next to an internal medicine guy next to a cardiologist. And this way, we can take the best knowledge base from every specialty and combine that all together to help all of these specialists to enhance their knowledge in areas that they may not have been familiar with when they attended medical school.”

In the interview, Dr. Goldman speaks about what put him on the path to helping found A4M, working towards founding the National Academy of Sports Medicine, creating a personal fitness trainer certification program, founding the International Sports Hall of Fame, and some of his achievements and awards, as well as some of the other positions that he has held over his illustrious carrier. 

“Dr. Goldman has a lifetime mission to support and promote events that align with his values, beliefs and efforts. He has recently partnered his global brand, with the global brand Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, FLEX Magazine, and the OLYMPIA Weekend in a combined effort at the international event, and the A4M Anti-Aging Conference Longevity FEST 2023, to be held at the Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, December 14-16. A4M is a gathering of leaders and experts in anti-aging with speakers, workshops, forums and exhibitors featuring new advancements in technology, innovation, products and services. This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Oz, who will be joined by a long list of highly recognized worldwide leaders. They will be sharing their knowledge at the A4M conference to improve the lives of others for optimal health and performance,” said Rob Fletcher, Business Development Director of Muscle & Fitness+.

Near the end of the article, Dr. Goldman provides some important lifestyle tips to promote healthy aging. They may not have found the fountain of youth yet, but there are steps that you can take in the meantime to be proactive and engaged in the process to age well and live a longer, healthier life. Simple daily choices help the most in terms of longevity and healthy living, and regenerative medicine can start with simply making more healthful decisions. But, sorry, we’re not going to give those tips away, you’ll need to read the article to get those. 

“People now value their health as number one. There’s no excuse if you can find at least 30 minutes a day to do an exercise program. If you can’t spend a little bit of time and self-control on your diet, and you’re not willing to spend a little bit of money for nutritional supplementation, then you’re missing the boat because people don’t care about things until they’re taken away,” Dr. Goldman concluded. 

Click here to read the full interview in Top Doctor Magazine. 

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Dr. Goldman and Rob Fletcher M&F WHN at A4M Conference 2022

Dr. Goldman with Robert Fletcher at the WHN/M&F booth at the 2022 A4M Conference in Las Vegas. 

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