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Are Officials In China Downplaying Infection Numbers?

4 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Feb 05, 2020, 4 p.m.

Some agencies are reporting that officials in China are keeping two sets of coronavirus infections numbers: a set they let the public see, and the actual numbers. Recently this infectious disease has been spreading globally, and experts have been warning that China has been significantly understating the true numbers of infections and deaths caused by the coronavirus. 

Now apparently evidence has emerged that allegedly supports those sentiments, and this evidence appears to indicate that officials in China are keeping two sets of numbers regarding what they want the public to know about the numbers of infections and deaths and the actual numbers. 

“As Taiwan [News] reports in a report first spotted by user @TheHKGroup, over the weekend, Tencent “seems to have inadvertently released what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths, which were astronomically higher than official figures”, and were far closer to the catastrophic epidemic projections made by Jonathan Read,” reports Zero Hedge.

“Netizens also noticed that each time the screen with the large numbers appears, it shows a comparison with the previous day’s data which demonstrates a ‘reasonable’ incremental increase, much like comparisons of official numbers. This has led some netizens to speculate that Tencent has two sets of data, the real data and ‘processed’ data,” the publication to Taiwan news reports

Officials in China claim to be updating websites such as daily, the official numbers still list the infections to under 25,000 and it appears to be expanding at roughly 20% per 24 hour period which represents a doubling of infection every 3.5 days due to growth being compounded. 

Observers have noticed an inadvertent slip in the official numbers being reported by the communist Chinese government to suddenly show far higher numbers of confirmed infection and deaths being at 154,024 infections and 24,589 deaths, before being reverted back to the much lower supposedly official numbers. 

Naturally first reactions may think it was a typo being corrected, but there appears to be more to the official story that is not wanted to be known. The higher numbers did not appear by themselves, and they were not out of context. Above each number is an increase factor that calculates how much more the day’s current numbers are compared to the previous day. For the 24,589 deaths in the lower right of the chart the number above it displays as +1546, the Chinese characters beside it explain compared to yesterday. The number above the infection count of 154,023 displays as +20979, the Chinese characters beside that similarly explain day over day increase from the previous day. 

This indicates that there is an underlying database that is tracking these daily numbers that is being used to calculate differences. The numbers are being automatically calculated, if human error were to blame for inputting the incorrect numbers it would be highly unlikely that two more incorrect numbers would coincidentally also appear above those numbers to accidentally show day to day increases that are consistent with a second set of numbers being stored in parallel. 

Of course it could all just be some form of a typo, but it supports claims of the Chinese government having two sets of numbers relating to the coronavirus, and releasing numbers that are significantly far less than the real numbers to the public. 

Taiwan New Reports: 

Some are speculating that a coding problem could be causing the real “internal” data to accidentally appear. Others believe that someone behind the scenes is trying to leak the real numbers.

However, the “internal” data held by Beijing may not reflect the true extent of the epidemic. According to multiple sources in Wuhan, many coronavirus patients are unable to receive treatment and die outside of hospitals.

A severe shortage of test kits also leads to a lower number of diagnosed cases of infection and death. In addition, there have been many reports of doctors being ordered to list other forms of death instead of coronavirus to keep the death toll artificially low.

W.H.O is praising China for its “transparency,” but is the praise unjustified? Based on videos, reports, whistleblowers, doctors and independent journalists who are reporting from within China, it seems that officials in China are, not surprisingly, trying to significantly downplay the true number of infections and deaths associated with the outbreak of the coronavirus being shown to the rest of the world. The allegedly leaked numbers are more in line with what experts are suggesting, but it could just be a coincidence as well. 

Are officials in China trying to significantly downplay the true numbers regarding the coronavirus???


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