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Brussels: The First Major City To Halt 5G Due To Health Effects

5 years, 3 months ago

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Posted on Apr 05, 2019, 7 p.m.

Belgian government Minister Fremault announced that Brussels is halting their 5G plans due to the negative health effects.

Celine Fremault, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region Responsible For Housing, Quality Of Life, Environment And Energy released the statement in an interview with L’Echo:

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt."

Minister Fremault accurately identified that the 5G pilot project will not be compatible with Belgian radiation safety standards of 9 V/m, or 95 mW/m2, and has stated that she will not be making an exception.

In the guidelines the threshold for extreme concern is 1 mW/m2, however many government agencies still only consider thermal effects and profit rather than the cumulative body of the thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies.

With Brussels heading up the EU, and with one of the 2 major 5G appeals being addressed to the EU officials officials they seem to be better informed and motivated to protect themselves in the EU. Hopefully support continues to build for Minister Celine Fremault and all officials who are hearing the call to sanity and plea of the people to prioritize their safety over the technocratic oligarchy. Perhaps officials in North America and elsewhere should take note and follow suit, after all that motivating profit will soon stop once more people get sick and can no longer spend money.

Should anyone care to send a brief note of support to Minister Celine Fremault please go to: ; Brussel city councilors: Please help to encourage them of the importance to make and keep this ban permanent despite the mistruths being told regarding the untested safety and forthcoming pressure from the self serving communications industry.

If you are in support of rolling out untested 5G please watch this 6 minute video: UN Staff Member: 5G Is War On Humanity:

Industry commitment to study safety admitted to being zero:

Tom Wheeler FCC Chair press release on 5G rollout saying ..”we don’t believe we need to study it” and “won’t wait for the standards”, and warning to stay out of the way of progress:

Without question 5G will place the world under unprecedented levels of control and surveillance, let alone the health impacts for all manners of life. This alone should be enough to delete the granting of the unheard of powers to the greedy soulless corporate algorithms, this entire situation should be filed under an attempt of useful technology gone bad for profit and control.

The question that should be really be asked by everyone is does 5G pose a threat to all biological life? It hasn’t been fully tested, and the results of independent evidence is overwhelmingly suggesting that yes 5G dose pose a major threat. That is unless you ask the telecommunications networks and the agencies and officials within their deep pockets who release untruths, withhold information, and attempt to quash pushback. In a US senate hearing the wireless industry even brashly admitted they have not done any safety studies and don’t plan to.

Hundreds of scientists are trying to sound the alarm and raise the red flags. Dr. Martin Pall has conducted research that has laid out the mechanisms of how wireless radiation causes harm in our cells, and calls 5G “the stupidest idea in the history of the world.”

Unfortunately those deep pockets of the telecommunications giants run deep and wide, within corporatized halls of government full of lobbyists that drown out the voice of reason with dreams of grandeur, control and greed for the unprecedented economic opportunities of the full on commercial exploitation of reality for even more profit and deprivation among these agenda pushers stuck in hive mind states blinded by the control and dollar signs obsessions, who are at the very least incapable of seeing where all this is heading and what will happen to them, their families, and all life on Earth.

All of the industry and its sheepeople are being presented with scientific evidence of this catastrophe in the making, and being asked to wait for testing before forcing 5G upon the world. Yet they are refusing to listen and continue towing their control and profit pushing line. Why is this being allowed, how can it be ignored unless they have a dark agenda that includes a shadow of expression for an utter disdain for life. Perhaps even at the core of this desire lays an agenda to exit the human condition via AI and transhumanism seeking escape through technology rather than humanity and connection with divinity. Why else would this be pushed for so hard, untested, at all costs, ignoring the plea of science, it does make one wonder.

To any sane person with normal values this 5G situation is to say the least bewildering and alarming. Perhaps with current connectedness we can help other become aware and work together to find a solution and choice for a positive future and push back against 5G. Brussels is the first major international to block 5G, dozens of others have passed legislation to prevent or restrict 5G rollouts due to health effects.

Environmental Health Trusts lists legislation from 21 local governments within the USA, on March 13, 2019 Portland demanded the FCC update its research on health and the environmental impacts of 5G. Support local attempts to get the powers that be to listen. EMF Safety Network; My Street, My Choice; and are websites that provide guidelines for how to help put the brakes on 5G where you live until it can be properly tested:

Below is a partial listing of where you can find scientific evidence being ignored of 5G causing harm:

Partial listing of organizations and grassroots communities promoting actions to limit 5G:

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