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Stem Cell

Caught In The Crossfire

5 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on May 01, 2019, 5 p.m.

As the FDA takes measures to crack down on questionable actions of some in the space of stem cell therapy others appear to be getting caught in the crossfire.

Stem cell therapy is a medical protocol that involves utilizing a patient’s own endogenous stem cells for the purposes of regenerative healing in a wide range of applications to help treat or prevent a disease/condition. Unfortunately it only takes one bad result to tarnish the image of an emerging new therapy.

The U.S Stem Cell Clinic based in South Florida has been successfully applying these therapies for the past 15 years. The clinic has been subject to investigation by the FDA, however the clinic claims that this is an unjustified investigation.

Dr. Comella of U.S Stem Cell Clinic has released a video in which she says that “...there are 10,000+ patients who have received successful therapy using the protocols that we have developed.”

In the video Michelle Parlo claims the largest orthopedic study ever conducted on adult stem cell therapy has revealed 93% of patients have improvements after just one stem cell therapy treatment without the use of pharmaceuticals.

“There is no medication, surgery, or procedure that has those numbers with a low side effect profile. In tens of thousands of patients, we can only point to a handful of adverse events,” says the doctor, events which are being grossly overplayed for political purposes.

Adult stem therapy is natural, and it works; tens of thousands of patients have experienced unprecedented benefits from undergoing stem cell treatment. There is a very real and growing body of evidence showing the potential of stem therapy which can’t be denied. The FDA has announced that there would be a nationwide crackdown, but given the growing body of evidence, is this really a service to the public?

According to the press release from the FDA: “ the FDA takes new steps to advance an efficient, modern approach to the regulation of cell based regenerative medicine, at the same time we will be stepping up our enforcement actions against clinics... Our aim is to provide an efficient route to market for promising technologies. But at the same time, we will take a firm stance against those that prey on the medical promise of regenerative cell therapies to market treatments potentially unsafe or unproven so-called cures. We want a regulatory framework that helps efficiently and effectively advance the many promising technologies in the field of regenerative cell therapies. The FDA can’t allow a small number of bad actors to leverage that promise to mislead patients and put them at risk.”

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