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Cocoa Cognitive

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Posted on Apr 10, 2018, 12 a.m.

Research from the University of L’Aquila confirms that cocoa is good for the brain, chocolate lovers rejoice, the chocolate will help you remember that, as published in Frontiers in Nutrition.


Many studies have looked at chocolate previously, this study conducted a meta-analysis examination of how cocoa flavanols affect the brain, and found that they boost memory and cognitive function, as well as helping to protect against age related cognitive decline if consumed on a regular basis.

Cocoa flavanols consumption on a regular basis boosts blood flow to important regions of the brain, which improves attention span, working memory, and speed of processing visual imagery. Strength of the effects for younger healthy adults were subtle, demanding cognitive tests were required to discover them.


Researchers also discovered that consuming cocoa treats on a regular basis over the long run affected the region of the brain which is linked with age related cognitive decline, improving the performance of older adults experiencing mild cognitive decline. It was noted that after a night of sleep deprivation cocoa was found to help counterbalance negative effects of sleep loss, improving cognitive functions.


Increasing chocolate intake may increase sugar and milk quantities in the diet and result in some unwanted side effects, so controlled  portions are suggested, additionally there’s always dark chocolate.



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