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Common Essential Oils And Their Benefits

4 years, 2 months ago

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Posted on Jan 29, 2020, 10 p.m.

Essential oils are naturally extracted compounds from plants. The plant's scent or flavor is commonly known as essence which is captured in the oil. The method to extract the oil can either be distillation or a mechanical process. After extraction the oils can be blended with carrier oils for dilution to make it ready for human use.


Pure essential oils can be used for aromatherapy under which they are inhaled through various techniques, they can also be applied to the skin after being diluted. These oils don't just get used for aromatherapy, they are also widely used around the home or as a natural mosquito repellent.

The most common essential oils are:

Lavender oil - Pure lavender essential oil has many benefits for many uses. For thousands of years, the lavender fragranced oil has been used for various medicinal and house care purposes. Once diluted it can be applied topically to reduce the effect of skin rashes, acne, minor burns, and insect bites. A few drops of oil when added to a warm bath may help to soothe nerves and relieve headaches. It may be used as an underarm deodorant, and dried sachets of lavender oil when kept around at home help to keep the moths away.

Lemon oil - Lemon oil is one of the must-have essential oils. By just adding a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil, one can polish furniture, use it as dish detergent, as well as a floor cleaner. Lemon essential oil has many therapeutic benefits. Adding a few drops to warm water and then rinsing the mouth with it helps in relieving bad-breath, adding the oil to shampoo may help to treat dandruff and to alleviate anxiety add this oil to bathwater. Lemon oil makes the skin photosensitive, meaning that one should not apply it directly before/after sunbathing.

Peppermint oil - Peppermint essential oil when added to carrier oil can be massaged on the abdomen to alleviate stomach cramps. The oil may help those suffering from a cough or bronchial congestion when used on the chest after being diluted with a carrier oil. Odors can be eliminated from stinky shoes by sprinkling in some of this essential oil. When applied to pets, it may even help them get relief from ticks.

Eucalyptus oil - Eucalyptus essential oil has its origin in Australia and can be identified easily with its unique odor. The oil when diluted has many therapeutic benefits such as helping to relieve chest congestion and ease asthma attacks when rubbed on the chest. Pain caused due to fibromyalgia may also be reduced by applying this diluted essential oil to the affected area.

Clove oil - Since ancient times, clove oil has been used to help relieve dental issues. It helps to treat toothache, gum disease, and cold sores. It is recommended to use the oil in a diluted form and shouldn't come in contact by those with sensitive skin. Apart from dental issues, the oil also helps to treat athlete's foot, wounds and rash, fungal infections, insect bites, and earaches. Dried cloves can also be kept in a closet to help keep the moths away.

Frankincense Oil - Frankincense oil is a fabulous substance that has many therapeutic effects once diluted such as helping to treat acne, cuts and scrapes, boils, scar tissue, cysts, and insect bites. The diffused oil also helps to relieve headaches as well as reducing migraine pain, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Pink Grapefruit oil - The pink grapefruit essential oil is a mood-lifting and multi-purposes essential oil. It may also help to treat acne, cellulite, swollen lymph nodes, and migraine headaches. Sprinkle just a few drops of the oil around a pet's bed to keep the repeal away.

Oregano - Oregano essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-microbial properties. It should only be used in a diluted form. It makes a great anti-bacterial spray and helps in relieving fungal infections, athlete's foot, sprain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, cysts, warts, and herpes. The undiluted oil, if used, can cause skin irritation.

Tea tree oil - Tea tree essential oil is a widely used essential oil. The oil works best to help treat fungal skin infections. Tea tree oil works as an excellent remedy to smelly feet; when added to shampoo it helps to treat dandruff as it soothes itchiness of the scalp; and as a skin ointment it may help to get rid of acne.

Sweet orange oil - Sweet orange essential oil has a citrusy aroma that aims to provide uplifting and balancing benefits to the body. The therapeutic benefits of the oil include boosting the immune system, preventing infection, reducing inflammation, and decreasing hypertension. This oil can also come in handy as room freshening spray.

Some benefits of using essential oils include:

  • Stress and anxiety - Research suggests that the scents used in aromatherapy may help to treat anxiety and stress.
  • Headaches and migraines - Headaches and migraines may be treated by using essential oils as seen in traditional Persian headache remedies.
  • Sleep and insomnia - The use of essential oils may help to cure inflammatory conditions to promote better sleep.
  • Pain relief - Essential oils may help to reduce pain when the skin absorbs them.
  • Boosts immune system - Antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils may help in preventing the development of illness.

Key Takeaways

You need to choose essential oils with utmost care after checking the purity, quality, and reputation. The oils are generally safe for inhalation and skin application after being diluted with a carrier oil. However, one must ensure that essential oils should never be eaten as it can prove to be of dangerous consequence. 

Essential oils are multipurpose, and an essential oils gift set may be a perfect gifting option for your near and dear ones. The different oils contain various therapeutic benefits that when used as a therapy for minor health problems, are typically harmless.

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