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Covid19 or Not, It was Bad. I Thought I Was Dying.

4 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on Apr 13, 2020, 3 p.m.

Article courtesy of: Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP  

Those in this field of integrative health and wellness and those searching for means to age healthily already know that there are many avenues to achieve those goals. Armed with information and preparation, it is possible to easily defeat an acute health challenge as now occurring with Covid19 or any infection. 

The following is an opinion piece as well as being a first-person account from an internal medicine physician who describes a rapid turnaround doing just that:

Something hit me last night with a vengeance. I thought it might be Covid19 or an especially virulent infection. I don’t know. I was isolated.

Before this event, I was feeling somewhat fatigued. I was spending more time in bed but could go out for walks and even climb a hill without distress. During the day, I drank my usual 3 cups of green tea. I took the supplements I had been using. This included vitamin C, zinc, turmeric, selenium and vitamin D. I also used colloidal silver 100 ppm by squirting it up my nostrils and by inhaling orally. 

At about 9:30 pm, I started having cold sweats. I checked my temperature in my ears and forehead. It was 94 degrees. During the course of this, my temperature dropped at times even lower to 92 degrees. I had no chest discomfort, no difficulty in breathing. My lung sounds were clear. My heart and blood pressure were within normal limits. I fell and when I finally got up, I had to brace myself with a table. I felt weak on my feet and had cold sweats.This proceeded to a wave of mild nausea and slight dizziness that hit me in the face and head and upper body it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It felt like there were actually waves of energy hitting me in the face and chest.

Over the past 68 years, I’ve had perhaps a dozen colds or flu, but nothing quite like this. I was standing up and a little shaky but still stable. Then a second later, my feet collapsed underneath me, and I hit the floor. Luckily, I did not damage anything except for my shoulder which thankfully resolved the next day.

I was very frightened and very afraid that this was it. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in God. I honestly prayed for a miracle.  The miracle was delivered to me in the form of the preparations I had made and with the consultation of good friends in the medical profession. Three hours after the initial episode, I started to feel much less sweating, much less body sensation much less anxiety. I was able to get to sleep and woke up three hours later. It was as if almost nothing happened. After 6 hours I felt almost normal. 

My temperature never spiked. I never developed any respiratory symptoms whatsoever. I have been self quarantined by choice with two other people who have not been exposed to anyone else for the last two weeks. I am unable to determine what precipitated this event. It was frightening and caused so much anxiety and distress I needed to vomit twice in a bucket. I was literally laying on the floor for a half an hour in a pool of sweat because I could not get up. Later, I realized that I lost my sense of smell which persisted for about a week.  

Here are some of the actions I was able to take. I took a hot shower. I used vitamin C at 2 grams and zinc at 100 mg every 2 hours. I started chloroquine 200 mg for three doses daily and included azithromycin for 3 days total. I used hydrocortisone 20mg three times daily. I painted iodine solution on the thyroid area on my neck. I used my usual 2 grains of Armour thyroid. I added quercetin because it is a zinc ionophore as is the chloroquine and green tea. I used high doses of vitamin A and D increasing to 10 each of the capsules that I had.  And I used a heating pad to attempt to warm myself.

I didn’t have a test for Covid19.. The available testing for Covid19 remains questionable with a high degree of false positives. The degree of specificity for RNA fragments remains questionable. The reproducibility has not been reported for this virus. There are possibilities for operator error with the highly technical PCR (polymerase chain reaction). 

It has been said that it has also been made very lucrative for hospitals to diagnose Covid19. With some reports suggesting that the Federal government is guaranteeing $35,000 per patient, and patients who die of other reasons possibly being assigned Covid19 as the primary cause, whether they are tested or not due to guidelines recommended by the CDC.

I believe we may be in the midst of a silent war. There is a chance that biological agents may have been let loose upon the world. This accounts for the different geographic areas, completely different experiences with high levels of illness and even death and then sometimes no serious consequences. I think I was stricken with a bug that was very fast acting, very quickly debilitating but thanks to immediate and proper therapeutics I was able to fight it off and regain 100% or near 100% function and health rapidly.

We live in a very strange and amazing time. Please take as many precautions as possible.  Surround yourself with as many good people as you can. Have faith in a higher power. Asking for help is a lifesaver. Open your eyes to the possibility of a worldwide assault on innocent people. Help yourself and others as you can. We do not have to wait for a questionable vaccine.  We have everything we need to create health and a full life right now for all of us. 

Article courtesy of: Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP  

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Author Bio: 

Carol Petersen is an accomplished compounding pharmacist with decades of experience helping patients improve their quality of life through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her passion to optimize health and commitment to compounding is evident in her involvement with organizations including the International College of Integrated Medicine and the American College of Apothecaries, American Pharmacists Association and the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding  She was also the founder and first chair for the Compounding Special Interest Group with the American Pharmacists Association. She is chair for the Integrated Medicine Consortium, and co-hosts the radio program “Take Charge of your Health” in the greater New York area. 

Contact email:

Facebook:  Wellness with Carol (@WellnessCarol) Take Charge of Your Health with Corinne and Carol

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