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4 years, 4 months ago

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Posted on Mar 03, 2020, 1 p.m.

Article Written by: Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

Plan To Mitigate The Foreign Born Viral Coronavirus Invasion To America

There are simple and straightforward methods to blunt the coronavirus effects on America, given what we know about the spread of this virus, specific actions need to be implemented immediately. The facts are that the virus cannot spread without it getting access to a victim's mucus membranes via eyes, ears, and nose.

Staff on airplanes and other public transport in high-risk situations of coming into contact with those who are infected, should be issued simple reusable masks and gloves made from an ion infused copper cotton material that is anti-viral on contact. The cotton should be infused with copper ions which kill viruses on contact, and thus wearing a copper infused cotton mask with or without an N95 or N99 filters are a superior protection choice.  

Prevention of mucus membrane exposure through contact with the hands or through inhalation along with use of tight fitting glasses will protect against cough droplets in the air, this is protection that can be manufactured inexpensively. Issuing colloidal silver in spray bottles to wash eyes will also greatly reduce risk of infection. A colloidal silver solution at 100 ppm is non irritating and universally viracidal as well as only costing a few cents per gallon to the manufacturer.  

Technology now exists using nanotech vibrational tuning rods to detect the most infinitesimal amount of a discrete virus in solution. This technology is accurate to picogram scale. Originally developed in Germany, this technology has been commercialized and is being used for the detection of minute toxins in environmental materials. The same technology could be implemented for a very quick and inexpensive test for the virus, which would be much faster, cheaper and more accurate than the PCR technology currently being used. This would allow for instant screening of large numbers of people in rapid fashion at airports and other transportation ports as well as in the hospital and healthcare environments.

In the past HEPA air filters were in common use because the airlines knew that the air in the cabins was recirculating previously breathed air and could increase the risk of spreading airborne infection. Unfortunately today they do not use these advanced filtration systems, as that raised the modest cost to the airlines per flight, and to save this small amount of money they discontinued use of these air filters. Additionally, the airlines insist on flying with the air vents closed in order to again save on the costs of a small amount of jet fuel being used in heating the air for the cockpit and the cabin. It would be a simple solution to install HEPA filters again in the air filtration systems. Airliners and cruise ships should also open the air vents to allow for less cross-contamination and rebreathing of stale air.

A further solution would be the use of commercially available ozone generating machines between flights and airline cabins to detox and disinfect the cabin air and surfaces.  A blast of ozone is a superb disinfectant and could easily cleanse an airline cabin in 20 to 30 minutes; the same technology would be effective for cruise ships and trains as well.

There are thousands of natural drugs, herbals, chemicals, plants and physical substances that have viral inhibiting and viral destructive capacity. A single lab could be used to test out these many products for the potential of a safe nontoxic answer to the coronavirus infection. A single lab with automated viral culture mass screening could quickly show which of the thousands of chemicals, drugs and other products of nature will stop this virus.  

Finally quarantine at home does not work and will not work as this virus has a long wait and see incubation period. It is also near impossible to keep people completely isolated. The answer is neighborhood isolation trailers that could be constructed quickly and easily, these could be delivered to a specific location where people in quarantine could be housed in near where they live. These isolation homes where the air would be filtered and the sewage would be kept in special isolated disinfected septic tanks, would allow for families to visit via large windows without risking contamination and delivery of food to their relatives via a two-way isolation door system. This would be a more humane and effective means of maintaining strict isolation, while maintaining people in their own community and not overwhelming hospitals with the burden of highly infectious diseased individuals.

Patients on homecare with oxygen and BiPAP positive pressure airway therapy, would be on constant monitoring via telemedicine and Internet cameras, as well as medical telemetry to monitor their respiratory rate as well as their SA02 oxygen saturation, along with EKG, heart rate and their blood pressure. This monitoring could be accomplished via computer systems so that it was automated, again taking the strain and the stress away from the overburdened healthcare community.

Should a patient’s condition begin faltering, a team of highly trained intensive care technicians in full hazmat isolation gear could be dispatched to the patient’s location in a matter of minutes, or just to ensure that a patient on homecare was receiving good care. This system may be even better than patient care in the hospital and would allow for patients who were deteriorating on homecare, to be rapidly transferred to hospital based respiratory intensive care units.

Realize these technologies are off the shelf and are available at this very moment. The only question is the actual implementation of the system of remote controlled advanced high-tech medical care. This program could be in working status in a matter of days, and the cost savings would be immeasurable... the savings of lives.... would be even greater. All this with the added benefit of patients being able to isolate themselves at home in familiar environments, with the support of their already exposed family members.

Utilizing an advanced use of CPAP, as well as remote teams of respiratory intensive care technicians, virtual reality tele-medicine, health monitoring telemetry, positive pressure oxygen therapy, and airway support could be an absolute game changer never seen before in the annals of healthcare.

We owe the American people the best that we can provide.

This worldwide pandemic is a manageable problem that need not lead to mass disruption or mass deaths. There is certainly a drug or many drugs that can inhibit this virus and prevent it’s furthered deadly outcome. The simplest of which are measures to protect your mucous membranes and to protect your hands from becoming germ transmitters.  

The American public deserves a better, more intelligent and more humane public health response from its Government. The above measures would give that to them at minimum cost and could be implemented in the matter of days, with no barriers stopping effective public health responses to this contagion impending threat to our nation.

God bless America and God bless its leaders who take appropriate action to protect its citizens. 

History will record your actions accurately. 

Article courtesy of:

Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP

Dr. Goldman is a best selling author, innovator, humanitarian, producer, physician and surgeon with a doctorate in anabolic steroid biochemistry. Dr. Goldman donates 80% of his time in charitable pursuits around the world, supporting sports, fitness and medical education for the sports and medical communities worldwide, visiting dozens of nations with a focus on youth mentorship. Among his many accomplishments he is World Chairman of the International Medical Commission; Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of the A4M; Founder and Chairman of the International Sports Hall of Fame; Co-Founder and Chairman of the World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; President Emeritus of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM); and Chairman of the U.S. Sports Academy’s Board of Visitors.


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