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Ingredients Proven To Kill Breast Cancer Cells

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Posted on Aug 06, 2018, 10 p.m.

To anyone the uncertainty of cancer can be unsettling which has a lot of people wondering how to actively try to prevent it from forming. Estimates suggest that 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, making this a serious question and prevention ever so important.

It is estimated that upwards of 266,100 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year within the USA alone. While there is no sure fire way known to stop it, there are things that can be done to actively reduce the risks. It is still not exactly known why one woman will develop breast cancer and other won’t, just like many other aspects of health, and it may never be exactly pinpointed, what is known is that DNA damage is a big culprit, and once healthy DNA becomes damaged the cells can mutate.

There are non-modifiable risk factors based on genetics with 2 known genes that help protect against ovarian and breast cancer, when they undergo harmful mutations DNA will not repair as it should, such mutations can be inherited increasing risk. Modifiable risk factors are based on lifestyle factors and environments. Addressing these variables such as diet, alcohol, exposure to chemicals, and physical activity can go a long way to prevention.

Traditional medicines have used plants and herbs for centuries to combat a wide range of ailments including cancer, and certain foods are known to offer anti-tumor and immune stimulating properties. More health conscious people have led to much public interest in possible herbal remedies over synthetic medicines, among these 6 ingredients have emerged to be shown to actively protect against certain cancer, but more specifically breast cancer.

Garlic is a wonderous potent bulb long used to combat a variety of illness based on complex metabolite profiles with a number of compounds that yield antioxidant effects, but the key compound ajoene is thought to delay cancer production. Research shows garlic increases amounts of suppressor T cells that convert lymphocytes into a form toxic to cancerous cells, being shown to be useful against breast, colon, bladder, lung, and stomach cancers.

Echinacea is a more aromatically and visually pleasant plant known to be an immune stimulant, that mice studies have shown echinacea purpurea may act as a potential anti-cancer therapy by increasing the numbers of natural cancer killing cells.

Turmeric is a potent vibrant powder common in the health community. Curcumin is the active ingredient known to yield anticancer activity that has been reported that propagation of lung, skin, stomach, and breast cancer may be limited by this spice.

Burdock root has many therapeutic uses for potent herbal remedies. It has been used for measles, and arthritis in the past, more recently it is being explored based on its antitumor properties. When used to treat ovary, bladder, pancreatic, and breast tumor cells burdock root may lessen associated pain and tumor size.

Ginseng root has been dried for centuries and used for a variety of therapeutic purposes including cancer. Ginseng has been shown to restart natural killer cells that often become impaired during chemotherapy while enhancing effects of antibodies and macrophages.

Green tea offers the body polyphenolic compounds such as EGCG, polyphenol helps to protect against DNA damage based on antioxidant activities. In vivo and in vitro studies have shown the anticancer effects of green tea.

Much like any disease one of the main keys to actively work towards prevention of breast cancer is to practice and maintain a clean, healthy, active lifestyle. True there are variables which are out of your control but there are ways to potentially intervene. One should always change what they can, and better manage what they can’t. Actively taking care of the body today will help it to take care of you for tomorrow and many more.

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