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Osteoporosis Remains a Major Health Threat to Women

10 years, 3 months ago

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Posted on Nov 07, 2013, 6 a.m.

International Osteoporosis Foundation urges for immediate action to safeguard the quality of life among postmenopausal women.

The increasingly aging population places huge demands on health care systems and on those professionals who provide care within them. Postmenopausal women are the most vulnerable to osteoporosis and its related fractures. Worldwide, an estimated 200 million women are affected by osteoporosis. Approximately one in three women aged over 50 will suffer from a fracture due to the disease; and 20% of those who suffer a hip fracture die within one year. The International Osteoporosis Foundation has issued “Bone Care for the Postmenopausal Woman,” aiming to provide solutions for fracture prevention and management. The Report shares weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises for building bone, and emphasizes balance, posture, and functional exercises to help with everyday activities. The Report also reviews bone building nutrients in foods and discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.

“Bone Care for the Postmenopausal Woman.” International Osteoporosis Foundation, October 2013.

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