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Groundbreaking Research That May Make Aging Obsolete

7 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Nov 30, 2016, 6 a.m.

Is it possible that aging is preventable?

Researchers are on the verge of cracking the aging code, and death caused by aging may become obsolete by as early as 2033. A synergy between two ground-breaking research fields is predicted to not only keep us alive; but to also keep us vivacious, youthful and healthy.

The Age Reversal Project Spearheads

The Maximum Life Foundation (, spearheaded by David Kekich, consists of a team of the leading anti-aging researchers and specialists from around the world. The team includes nanotechnology specialists, artificial intelligence developers, regenerative medicine specialists (including stem cell specialists), genetic experts, and specialists in the drug and nutritional supplement industries. According to the experts, a convergence of biotechnology, infotechnology and nanotechnology will provide a roadmap to halt aging in the very near future.

Gene therapy will also play an integral role in reversing aging. At the forefront of the genetic-based age reversal research is a company called BioViva, which is spearheaded by Liz Parrish (

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

  • A.I. is the source technology in the age-reversal roadmap; it is necessary for the advancement of all the other tools required to stop aging

  • A.I. can take the discoveries and complexities of every field that is focused on aging, and handle them far better and far quicker than the human mind ever could

  • A company called Scicog Systems ( is creating an ‘Artificial Scientist’, that will essentially be the smartest scientist in the world

  • In approximately 3 years, the researchers will have gathered every bit of aging research available, and programmed them into the Artificial Scientist

  • The Artificial Scientist will be able to comprehend and dissect the quadrillions of chemical reactions that occur in the human body and unravel the code of the 20,000 human genes

  • It will be able to identify patterns that are unrecognizable to humans and form its own hypotheses from those patterns

  • It will be able to test its own hypotheses, to discover information and create new knowledge, which in turn, will turbocharge the age reversal development project

The Role of Gene Therapy

  • Gene therapy addresses the root cause of aging and encourages cellular and tissue regeneration

  • It offers the answer to correcting most if not all diseases (including diseases that are currently considered incurable), at their most basic level

  • Gene alterations (specifically, the shortening of the telomeres which are the protective tips of the chromosomes), are the leading risk factors of aging and disease

  • Telomerase prevent the shortening of telomeres, and Bioviva projects that delivering telomerase to the cells (which they are currently working on doing), will play an integral role in the age reversal development project


Compiling all the leading anti-aging data and research (including everything we currently know about gene therapy), into an Artificial Scientist, will help tremendously in the creation of an age reversal code. The code remains to be determined, but researchers theorize that it will combine gene chip technology with hormone balancing and other non-toxic interventions; all of which will put an end to aging as we know it!

Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD ( is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). He studied Physical Therapy at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, Health Sciences at Loma Linda University, and Nutrition at CSLB. Dr. Delgado directed the Nathan Pritikin Plan, and is certified in NLP, Time Line, and Hypnotherapy. With an emphasis on optimal sports performance. Dr. Delgado broke the World Strength Endurance record, lifting 50,640 lbs in one hour, and led Team USA to a World Championship. He is a medical commentator in the WHN Forum.

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