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Vitamin D Deficiency May Contribute to Type-2 Diabetes

12 years, 5 months ago

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Posted on Dec 29, 2011, 6 a.m.

Low vitamin D levels associate with higher degrees of insulin resistance.

High rates of vitamin D deficiency have been observed in obese populations, and previous studies have linked low vitamin D levels to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.  Yet, the mechanism by which obesity may be correlated to vitamin D deficiency have not been well elucidated. Olson, from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Texas, USA), and colleagues measured vitamin D levels, blood sugar levels, serum insulin, BMI and blood pressure in 411 obese children and 87 control non-overweight subjects. Study participants were also provided dietary information including daily intake of soda, juice and milk, average daily fruit and vegetable intake, and whether or not they routinely skipped breakfast. The researchers found that low vitamin D levels are significantly more prevalent in obese children and are associated with risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Writing that: “Vitamin D deficiency is common in children … and is significantly more prevalent in obese children,” the study authors submit that: “Lower 25(OH)D [a blood marker of Vitamin D] level is associated with risk factors for type 2 diabetes in obese children.”

Micah L. Olson, Naim M. Maalouf, Jon D. Oden, Perrin C. White, Michele R. Hutchison. “Vitamin D Deficiency in Obese Children and Its Relationship to Glucose Homeostasis.” Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, November 9, 2011.

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