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What Are Testosterone Supplements and Do They Really Work?

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Posted on Jun 12, 2023, 4 p.m.

Testosterone is a type of hormone that has an invincible role in male body development, including secondary sexual characteristics like muscle growth, body hair growth, erectile function, sperm production, etc. It naturally increases in the male body during puberty. However, people mostly indulge in taking testosterone supplements to increase their testosterone levels quickly. 

You need to be careful while taking any supplement, including testosterone. Taking excessive testosterone boosters can lead to several side effects that raise health and safety concerns. So, keep reading if you are also curious to know what they are, if these supplements are really helpful, and how to take them safely. Here, we will explore some of the things you need to know about testosterone supplements and their benefits. 

What are Testosterone Supplements, and How Do They Work? 

A testosterone supplement is a type of supplement that may help to increase the user's testosterone levels. Testosterone supplement includes several natural or chemical compounds that increase the testosterone levels in the body by influencing testosterone-releasing glands (testes, adrenaline).

The primary target of all testosterone supplements is to increase testosterone levels, but the process may vary depending on the supplement's compounds. For instance, some supplements may block estrogen (a female sex hormone) release to increase testosterone levels. In contrast, others may trigger testosterone hormone-releasing glands to increase testosterone release and boost testosterone levels. 

Benefits of Taking Testosterone Supplements

The human body (both male and female) produces testosterone, but men have higher testosterone levels than females. Also, testosterone is considered a male sex hormone and it is crucial for bodily development, including sexual characteristics. However, lower levels of testosterone can affect their sexual and physical growth.
But testosterone supplements may increase testosterone levels and boost bodily functions. Here are some common benefits that you may get from testosterone supplements – 

  • Increased lean muscle – Increasing testosterone levels with testosterone supplements have several benefits. And increased body muscles are one of the major benefits of using these supplements. 
  • Improved libido – Another essential benefit of using testosterone supplements is improved libido. Testosterone helps in erectile function and influences the male sex drive. Thus, lower testosterone levels can cause issues like lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Taking testosterone supplements helps to increase your testosterone levels and improve libido. 
  • Enhance mood – Testosterone also has a good impact on the mind, and most men with lower levels of T suffer from mood swings and depressive thoughts. So, testosterone supplements also help to enhance mood by boosting testosterone levels. 
  • Improved cognitive function – Testosterone impacts the entire development of the male body, including cognitive functions. And a lower level of testosterone can affect several cognitive abilities like memory, concentration, and thinking ability. So, when you take testosterone supplements to boost your testosterone levels, you can also gain improved memory, concertation, and other cognitive functions.

Is testosterone supplement safe?

In moderation, testosterone supplements might help to increase testosterone to enhance its overall effect on the body. Mostly, men with lower testosterone levels are recommended to take some form of testosterone booster or supplements. But the excessive use of testosterone can create health concerns. Let’s discover what factors to consider before taking it to avoid any risk.

  • Taking testosterone without actual need – Many people indulge in testosterone supplements to boost their sex drive or use them to gain body muscles. However, before taking testosterone, one must learn whether their body requires a booster. For instance, poor sex drive may be caused by lower libido, which one can enhance with a libido enhancer. But if you take a testosterone booster only to boost your libido while your testosterone levels are normal, you may face side effects due to abnormally high testosterone levels. Therefore, knowing your testosterone levels is essential before taking any supplement. 
  • Excessive indulgence in testosterone supplements – Excessive indulgence in anything is not healthy or safe, and there is no exception to that rule for testosterone supplements. Yet, people make the mistake of overusing and developing issues like infertility, acne breakout, kidney tumors, enlarged breast, etc. But taking testosterone supplements within a moderate limit to increase your testosterone levels has minimal to no harmful side effects for most people who follow the advice of their healthcare professional regarding usage. Those with abnormally low testosterone levels must consult with a certified medical professional before taking any testosterone supplement. 
  • Choosing supplements with harmful chemical compounds – Choosing testosterone supplements without knowing the ingredients can lead to several health problems. However, if you choose supplements from a reputable distributor that lists all of the ingredients and sources that are made of natural compounds like ashwagandha, kratom, ginseng, fenugreek, zinc, magnesium, etc., they most likely will not cause severe side effects like unknown, unnatural or chemical substances could.
  • Taking the supplement with health complications – This is another essential factor that most of us fail to consider when discussing testosterone supplements. Testosterone supplements are prohibited if the user has certain health complications like heart disease, neurological problems, or other related health complications. Mainly it is because testosterone boosts your energy levels and stamina, and people with poor heart or nervous systems can face health hazards if they take such supplements. However, often people take testosterone supplements that are unaware of their health condition, leading to several complications. This highlights the importance of consulting with a certified medical professional before making any changes to your wellness routine which includes starting to take any supplement. 

How to Take Testosterone Supplements Safely? 

In some cases, people may need a testosterone supplement to boost their testosterone levels (if it is abnormally low, indicating a low T or hypogonadism). But before taking any supplement, it is essential to ensure safety to avoid possible health hazards. And here are some ways you can ensure the safe consumption of testosterone supplements –

  • Know your dosage – It is essential to know the right dosage of your testosterone supplement, as everyone has different requirements. Taking way more or less than your needs can cause issues. 
  • Know your needs – Testosterone boosters help to boost testosterone levels, so ensure you are taking them to improve your low testosterone levels and not only to gain muscle or stamina. 
  • Opt for natural supplements – Natural testosterone supplements like kratom (where legal), ashwagandha, ginseng, fenugreek, etc. might help boost your testosterone levels naturally without harmful side effects. 


Currently, many people are concerned about whether testosterone supplements are safe or not. And here, we have covered the primary reason why a testosterone supplement can cause trouble if not taken with precautions and how to avoid some of the risks associated with the supplement. However, if you want to take a testosterone supplement, consult a certified medical professional before taking any to see if it is appropriate for your needs. 

This article was written for WHN by Nancy R Fernandez, who is a content creator, freelance writer, blogger, and health advocate. 

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