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US House of Representatives Votes to Ban Human Cloning
Human Heart Cells Working in Rats
Viral Infection Linked to Mental Decline in Seniors
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Dramatically Reduce Parkinson`s Risk
Eye Gel Treatment Prevent Age-Related Vision Deterioration
Exposure to Sun May Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk
Omega-3 May Protect Against Neurological Disorders
Engineered Bone Marrow Cells Repair Heart Attack Damage
Parkinson`s Patient Given Gene Therapy
Scientists Turn Yeast into Protein Making Machine
Trichomonas Infection
Stem Cells: The Basics
Maintaining pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells
Scientists have been able to partially restore paralyzed rats
Satellite cells to generate more muscle cells
Satellite cells to generate more muscle cells
Endothelial Progenitor Cells
Red wine chemical extends life - in yeast
Red Wine Molecule Shown to Extend Life
Scientist Proposes New Theory of Aging
Anemia Elevates Risk of Physical Decline in Older People
New Prevalence Study Suggests Dramatically Rising Numbers of Peo
Synthetic Dope Helps Alzheimer`s Patients
The United States is on the brink of a longevity revolution.
Yoghurt Reduces Hospital Stay for Seniors
Stress Dramatically Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
Study to Determine Best Method of Kidney Storage Gets Underway
Large Bowel Grown In Rats
Computerized Atlas of the Brain Completed
Beyond Viagra
Italian Researchers Announce Birth of World`s First Cloned Horse
UK Researchers Issue Cloning Warning
World`s Oldest Person Discovered in War-Torn Chechnya
Collagen-Based Sealant Speeds Wound Repair
Surgeons Perform First Tongue Transplant
Researchers Discover Chemical that Influences Nerve Cell Growth
European Researchers Developing Mind-Controlled Wheelchair
European Researchers Developing Mind-Controlled Wheelchair
Cancer... Does it begin with lymph congestion?
Black Cohosh May Encourage Cancer Spread
Stem Cells and Gene Therapy Used to Treat Muscular Dystrophy
Red Clover Offers No Relief from Hot Flashes
US Government Demands Trans-Fat Content on Food Labels
US Food and Drug Administration Approves Soy Products Claim
Too Much Zinc May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk
Amniotic Fluid May Contain Stem Cells
NIH Researchers Produce Neurons from Embryonic Stem Cells